Charm Blue is independent of Meizu further: new domain name will be launched

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ITzhijia· 2017-10-14 02:17:25

IT's October 13th news as Meizu derived good youth sub brand charm blue, has to some extent independent of Meizu, but the two sides are still in the Meizu official online sales in the near future together, but this situation may change.

IT family received news that Meizu currently is planning to conduct an independent internal sales Meizu products and Charm Blue products, specifically Meizu will have its own independent website, and will use the new domain name, you may not see the charm of blue the product in the Meizu's official website.

Meizu vice president Li Nan also said today, Meizu will open in the next Charm Blue 3C shop, will sell the specific charm blue line and mobile phone accessories, the Charm Blue brand will be online and offline completely and Meizu phase separation.

" in fact, there are already signs Charm Blue copy Meizu products cost-effective route to go for example, we only see the technology surrounding Meizu in earlier, but in a recent conference to charm blue also launched a mobile power supply and headset products, or later in the Meizu online store can not see the charm of blue products?

currently, domain name in a Xiamen company's hands, can not confirm whether the LAN LAN's domain name is

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