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see a message from

" reminds me of a child was dominated by Zhongguancun terror

in order to make everyone more reason to buy buy buy yesterday in the background, this evening juice decided to do a notebook science and recommended

summed up the purchase of computer when all two states:

adorable sister look at the computer:

Polytechnic male see computer:

" for white, how to quickly understand the performance of a the computer?

actually, want to understand a simple computer configuration is not difficult, usually we will be in accordance with the following

" here does not consider the motherboard and so on, is not that they are not important, but because we usually buy notebook manufacturers will choose its configuration matching model. So for small white, these things do not bother,

nonsense do not say much, we first look at CPU

CPU, also known as the central processor, responsible for computer operations. If we don't care about

deep level, let's look at how to judge how powerful a CPU is.

currently available on the computer CPU is mainly divided into two camps, which are Intel (Intel) and AMD

of the two company's products have rules, we can initially understand it's probably first talk about the performance of

Intel. In our most common Core (core) series as an example, there are I3, i5, i7 and three optional, increasing performance, and each file, there is a more detailed naming

we use Intel i7-6700HQ as one of the most important chestnut

" in the first four digits, which represents the CPU algebra, so that a number of The greater the value, the CPU architecture is new, usually three digit performance has no significant effect on CPU power

to bring higher performance and lower, we do not need to consider, so the trouble can skip

finally follow the letters are also very important, we often see a lot of the thin blow yourself using a i7 processor, but the performance is not an enemy with a I3 desktop, mystery in letters, see figure

(top capital red letters is CPU common suffix

) so, even if the same is the i7 processor, the super performance on "U" and "HQ" on the game really worse for many

Intel's other series, naming rules Is the same, here no longer

, in fact, really affect the operation performance of CPU is its main frequency of

of other brands such as AMD CPU, also by comparing the frequency with the Core series to see it about the performance of

we look at the

< memory p> memory is used to store the CPU data in our hardware. It can be understood as "to provide space for the program to run". Because of various brands and models, here only to know about the parameters

here we use Kingston's memory as another chestnut

said, the memory capacity is more big, you can run more programs simultaneously; the more frequency high, you will run more smoothly; DDR means "synchronous dynamic random access memory, and the common types are DDR3 and DDR4, that" 4 "is better than" 3 "is enough for


graphics for do not play the game design, computer. The card is a weight, no use. We are here to talk about NVIDIA (commonly known as N card) and AMD (commonly known as A) is suitable for daily game series


" finally we for the hard disk

disk can be divided into mechanical hard disk and

SSD in simple terms, slow speed, heavy mechanical hard disk read and write, but the price is cheaper, more suitable for storing files. The solid-state hard disk read and write speed, light and small, but the price is very expensive, suitable for installation so as to improve the system boot speed

" so if your goal is not a game that the pursuit of the ultimate performance, but a light portable, boot speed super, you must first SSD version

why? In the personal computer in recent 20 years of development, and enhance the performance of the CPU memory hard disk capacity also increased thousands of times, thousands of times, but the congenital defects of the hard disk read and write speed is limited by the mechanical hard disk without great progress,

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