Share charging treasure began to fall, Wang Sicong probably not "eat Xiang""

Sharing charging treasure presenting dropping sharing bicycles

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share charging treasure industry has not yet entered the bonus period, but it seems to have begun shuffling.

10 11 month, Hangzhou shared charging treasure enterprise music power announced to stop operation, share charging treasure business. According to the company WeChat public number revealed that they have recovered all the charging treasure equipment, and remind users to promptly withdraw the cash deposit is not present. At the end of September, another sharing charge treasure enterprise internal staff in Hi electric network drying out "post notice", and broke the Hi promotion team layoffs inside full contraction line.

in fact, since the advent of the sharing of charging treasure has been controversial. At the beginning of May, shortly after announced street power project invested 300 million yuan investment after Wang Sicong NUPI sharing charge treasure said: "if I can share charge treasure eat Xiang, Li Tie in".

" with the new game player continue to join, share a large number of charging treasure gradually fall in restaurants, shopping malls and other public places. About charging treasure what is really about sharing demand or pseudo demand just corpuscles, industry weak sound again. Can the profit model of shared charging treasure go smoothly? The first

sharing charging treasure business failures

public information, Le electrical operators to Hangzhou help Bunny Technology Co. Ltd. was founded in January 2015. Electric music on-line in March this year, is renting a self-service terminal, each device is provided with 9 doors, door charge treasure placed in line with data for apple and Android mobile phone, 24 hours free, overdue 2 yuan / day, 50 yuan cap. The deposit is 50 yuan, and returned automatically after charging the treasure.

in April this year, the investment side of Hangzhou electric music for Bunny Technology Co. founder Lou Yingying in an interview with the "Hangzhou daily" has revealed that they were laid in Hangzhou more than 300 shared charging treasure cabinet, "we currently have the layout of the more than 300 points, including shopping malls, hotels, KTV and bus station, charging treasure the number of nearly 2000. "

but just six months, the music electric charge treasure has died, a shared charging treasure industry's first enterprise exit. Whether the internal reasons or financing failure, as of press time, Lok electric aspects did not disclose the specific reasons for the cessation of operation and sharing of charging treasure business.

"according to company policy, has recovered all the charging treasure equipment, the company will stop operating the project, please timely will not cash deposit withdrawals, thank you", October 11th, announced that the WeChat electric music in public number. They also remind that the balance will be returned from 1 to 2 days after the withdrawal. For some users to present failure situation, Lok electric response said, "server due to failure reasons, some users may temporarily unable to present, technical personnel are in maintenance.". "

use rate is low, it is difficult to return to the

common deposit 100 yuan sharing charge treasure, as long as the use rate remained at 40% will be able to recover the cost, and Le electric deposit is set at 50 yuan.". According to the reporter learned that Nandu

, mobile power generally consists of four parts, namely the electric core, PCB circuit board, shell and data lines, of which two is the highest part of the cost of batteries (battery) and PCB board (management components of the batteries charge and discharge). "Circuit board 5 yuan, shell 2 yuan, 1000 Ma battery average 5 yuan.". 10000 Ma, that is 50 yuan. Add together (cost) is 57 ", a person engaged in charging treasure industry insiders told reporters in Nandu," big amount of words will be cheaper. "

is currently on the market, mobile sharing charging treasure capacity is mostly at about 6000 Ma, which can be calculated, a piece of 6000 Ma shared charging treasure cost is about 40 yuan. The industry of Nandu to reporters just such an account, a total of 2000 music electric charging treasure on the market, hardware costs totaling 80 thousand yuan, 50 yuan deposit means 1600 charging treasure can be leased back to this, use rate to be maintained at about 80%.

in fact, in addition to music and electricity, most of the mobile sharing charging treasure deposit in the market is about 100 yuan, so the utilization rate of 40% can be returned. However, compared with the actual market use of shared charging treasure, we can see that the utilization rate is still difficult to maintain at 40%.

it is understood that the same street as electric cabinet type charging treasure has now entered the more than 70 City, spent a total of about 300000 sets of equipment, nearly 1 million 400 thousand charging treasure, daily orders reached 220 thousand single. This means that the utilization rate is only 15.7%.

it is worth noting that the above algorithms do not include team salaries and operating costs. If you want to maintain the team and operating costs to 1 yuan / hour rent, the need to share the amount of charging treasure to how much? "We do not consider the profit" temporary electricity, Street South are reporters, street electric has recently opened Alipay sesame credit can reach 600 deposit free service, "the deposit is the reason many people do not want to use the charge treasure, with sesame credit deposit free after the user quantity will be greater. "Why

shared charge treasure fire not up?"

on shared treasure why the fire does not rise, a lot of reasons also

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