Worth 40 billion after Ma, Meng Jin Service Executive ant

Ali Hoogewerf US dollars Ma Yun

qudongzhijia· 2017-10-14 02:18:10

Alibaba market capitalization soared this year, the latest stock price of $180, compared to 89 dollars in early 2017 has doubled!

latest "Hu Run rich list 2017" also showed that Ali became the biggest winner of the list, in the more than 2000 complete list, Ali system has as many as 43 shareholders on the list, 25 new people than last year.

, Ma worth 200 billion, Ali first (list third, second only to Xu Jiayin, Ma Huateng), Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong worth 2 billion yuan, ranked 31 in ali.

biggest dark horse incredibly is ants gold clothes, ants gold clothing chairman ranking Ali system second, worth 40 billion yuan. Even the ants gold clothing brands to communicate with the public department general manager Chen Liang (often maintain the Alipay WeChat public number) value reached 3 billion 400 million!

but the list was almost the same ant gold service executives questioned last night, Alipay released the public, "I am Chen Liang, I really have no 3 billion", a way to ridicule on the Hu Run rich list of questions.

another ant Gold Service Vice President Han Xinyi (ALI Hu Run rich list ranked fourth) also said: "Hello, is that from the top of almost into the top three, I will not 14 billion, I only have 140 pounds.

today, ant gold dress chairman Peng Lei also ridicule "distressed brothers three seconds.. How to go home with his wife explained this huge possession of ah ha ha ha ha ha ha! I heard of this list released lead to "red net rich" Chen Liang @ was a small table Department since its off... this list of rich or exhaust list ah? Can forwarding over 500 be reported? 40 billion, why not 400 billion? ","

said, "these figures can be seen in public information, we think the list is pretty objective, and what other factors we don't know much about. "

needs to point out that, at present, the ants are not listed yet, but the overall valuation will reach $60 billion.

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