Today's bike is shared, and tomorrow's sharing may be "you""

Bike sharing v-mobile ofo drops

lanjingTMTwang· 2017-10-14 03:35:02

bike sharing business bigger and bigger, finally seems to finish the primary stage of development, market deployment has been basically completed, it must be a pressing matter of the moment to find new profit model to the end of continuous burn wars. After the ofo access drops, v-mobile access Shouqi about the car, seems to us that the new development trend of cooperation. In order to share the current hundreds of millions of users worldwide, this is enough capital, and shared bicycles begin to change to the direction of shared users, perhaps sharing bicycles into the beginning of maturity.

" a lot of people have been concerned about what time v-mobile and ofo can be combined, but think carefully, for sharing the bicycle industry development, and the merger of the two did not have a big impact, it is a shared connection with other bicycle industry chain is more may create greater economic value.

in the earlier ofo and drops a formal cooperation after the recent Mobell and Shouqi car about finally reached cooperation, to achieve the user layer service sharing. But slightly different, ofo is grafted to the entrance drops travel within the APP, while the friction is about cars, car worship services into their APP, and have achieved in the premise of binding and payment based on the real name system under the user communication, means the v-mobile bicycle users no longer need to register but about the car, also can directly use a taxi service.

" from the point of view of monthly active users, monthly active users share the bicycle has been close to 90 million people, and about the car platform, drops the acquisition of Uber, a single large, but 40 million monthly active users, not to share the bicycle half. In terms of user value, sharing bicycles should be larger than the car about the net. Although the same is about the car and network platform for cooperation, and the partner of ofo drops travel has to dominate network about car platform, but in the business model, I am more optimistic about the v-mobile cycling strategy.

month tens of millions of active users, whether it is ofo or Mobell bicycle, are not confined to travel service. Ofo and bits of data integration, indeed for ofo provides a more powerful entrance, and let the drop in travel service at the same time provide short distance and long-distance travel two strategies. But, as I said, shared bicycles should not be limited to travel services. Mobell will be integrated into their own cars, car about APP, in addition to improving the short, long-distance travel services, is that one kind of new prospects for cooperation.

in the Internet economy, the user is the absolute right to speak. For example, there have been numerous domestic social software to become today's QQ or WeChat, which QQ do better than a few, but eventually died, QQ bigger, strong user base is the key to guarantee. At the same time, Tencent with QQ users, almost anything to do fire, especially in the field of games. Today, the sharing of bicycle, should take advantage of their own user resources to seize the right to speak, and not for others to do the wedding dress.

and ofo, and the first steam drops Mobell about car cooperation, can be seen as a change to the bike sharing a new business model to start. In order to seize the users in the early stage, crazy investment, new sharing bicycles, seize the entrance, snatch users, now the domestic market supervision policy is more perfect and strict, it is unlikely to change too much. Over the past year, sharing bike users to accumulate resources and travel big data, are supporting investors continue bleeding fundamental, now it is time to return blood.

shared bicycle for short distance travel service as the starting point, the access network about the car platform, improve the travel experience is the basic guarantee. And then, we will likely see is ofo or Mobell step by step in more partners. All travel service related industries, such as shopping, catering, hotels, tourism, etc..

, which is similar to map applications, can directly guide users where to shop, where to eat, where to play and so on, while planning the route directly. The most direct advantage of sharing a bike is that it provides a simple vehicle on the basis of a single bike, and is more perfect after the access network is about the car platform.

if the day, v-mobile or ofo with the U.S. group, the public comment or bus inquiry system cooperation, completely without surprise, of course is not limited to these areas, maybe a lot of new business cooperation mode is all we ever thought. But at least we can look forward to what kind of transformation a shared bike can accomplish.

" if the idea of a little further, the best result is directly through the sharing APP to find a hotel or a bicycle is a place to eat, to intelligent recommendation route, where appropriate, where you can ride a bicycle taxi and take the subway to the bus even where convenient where is the parking area, a series of automatic programming, this is all I can think of the most perfect travel scheme. With the help of MAU sharing nearly one million passengers,

partners can also get more exposure and user source, which is a win-win result. Sharing of bike development to