Jing Bairan Ni Ni is "Contract Lover", you believe?

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, for fans, the airport is definitely a star encounter Feng Shui treasure. Yesterday morning, someone photographed Jing Bairan going to Xiangyang to pick up Ni's return to Beijing airport. Two people have been armed with hats and masks, but still can not escape the piercing eye!

" looks like Beijing should be very cold ah, slim and Ni Ni have to wear a thick sweater, black and white and also super CP, Ni Ni holding small arms is so full of sweetness, like autumn in Beijing have become micro-blog ~

warm under all their wishes: "img_box"

" and start horoscopes &hellip …

Ni Ni from the two sweet storm in the blaze, successfully attracted the girls' attention, reckoned Ni Ni the same paragraph sweater "will set off a wave of panic buying craze a treasure.

" actually want to say this kind of entertainment you, like the white sweater in the store are many, the key is to see who is who in the … …

recently this, a pair of the most snore sugar than at the bazaar Charity Night's performance as "a group of photos and pictures of the bazaar".

bazaar Charity Night, two people to attend. Ni Ni Reem Acra in the spring of 2018 series of golden tee dress collocation, TiffanyCo. jewelry and Gucci handbags, is worthy of the fashion magazine darling, with advanced and fashion sense. The next one is a black suit with a gentleman, two people stand together is really seductive to not ~

during the interaction also escape the lens: Daily couple

" background installed users have been snapped down:

" but this is an appetizer. Real food in the "bazaar" big Film:

" white skirt Xiaoniaoyiren Ni Ni Bib + white shirt well, with the background of the forest, like the fresh summer wind. Behind the

&hellip &hellip is holding a foul;; saying good really what action taken are not afraid, but also show intimacy and beauty.

" this looks full of stories, young lovers weekend drive to the country on holiday, still picnic on the grass reading newspapers love what ~

" to play the piano, four hand piano very understanding of the test! Can you pull the male / female friend mutual test, but also the way like slim as a group of Ni Ni has forced a large ~

" is not only the shooting scene photos, video more sweet:

if not in shooting you are slim not to kiss it?

young Baba mama with their family … &hellip two; &hellip …

a newspaper while covering the Yang, but to create a private space the feeling of taking pictures is a film. This can be! Have the lovers learned?

, ivy, sun, windowsill, Ni Ni and slim, but also touch hair, there is a small fresh style of love. But! No matter you handsome and beautiful sitting on the windowsill of love are very dangerous know! There is no beauty in carelessness. (don't admit that this is from single dog alone when the window of self comfort)

I tease you with flowers? I use your hair. This costume is very fantastic ah girl heart burst ~

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