30 thousand yuan! IPhone X is coming

IPhone ZA

qudongzhijia· 2017-10-14 23:42:26

is approaching the iPhone X market, and now the Russian luxury goods maker Caviar has begun to accept the customized service of this 10000 yuan mobile phone, and want to be more distinctive, you have to pay enough money.

in addition to accept reform, Caviar also launched their luxury version of the iPhone X mobile phone while the same shape, but the body material is completely different, the back of titanium metal material, and mixed with less meteorite material, which makes mobile phone look with some mystery.

iPhone X as for the price, the price is a customized version of the $4500, amounting to nearly 30000 yuan, which is three of the ordinary version of the iPhone X (original) for a customized version of this ambition is estimated only, not bad money people will do.

is a good choice for people who want to highlight their identity through mobile phones, but it's a good choice, but there are some waiting for them.

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