Qualcomm: iPhone is not allowed to sell in china! Apple: dare to move, I try!

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xinzhipai· 2017-10-15 07:39:16

in today's world, no matter what the mobile phone manufacturers, there are 2 big hill around the past, a Samsung is almost in a monopoly position in the high-end mobile phone accessories, of course, for some low-end machine may not have too much dependence on samsung.

is also a high, as long as the mobile phone for this line to the "tax", Qualcomm about 100000 patents covering all aspects of mobile communication, even apple Samsung, this super giant also cannot escape.

" in theory, using patented technology to pay others that is a high as unalterable principles, but makes many manufacturers do not see the past, that is the patent authorization, always tying some of the others were not used to things, commonly known as "bundling".

and Qualcomm patent licensing this unique way to bring high profits, but also the quilt on the alleged monopoly aura, in many countries suffered antitrust investigation, each fined hundreds of millions of dollars, even in the United States, Qualcomm has also been a similar survey.

was high in trouble, pay the most Apple decided to fly back, from the beginning of the year has launched several rounds of play and Qualcomm, apple is from the beginning of April this year has ceased to pay, plus before a series of lawsuits, eventually leading Qualcomm shares fell cliff style show.

continues to attack apple, Qualcomm is intolerable, and finally launched the most fierce counterattack to Apple recently.

we all know iPhone are up to tens of millions of annual sales in Chinese, Qualcomm recently officially in China sued apple in China lock iPhone, watch pain points.

Qualcomm gives the reason is very simple, that is the "Apple didn't pay for using Qualcomm's technology to develop products, and it is these technologies make iPhone so popular in the world, the application of iPhone in China" Gu ban.

actually, according to the understanding of ash, should not be did not pay, but the money is not enough to pay.

because Qualcomm understand, China is Apple's very important profit market, to achieve the goal of critical China trillion market capitalization, market iPhone sales performance, plus apple this year is a critical year, the iPhone8 series were not good enough under the condition of iPhone X has become the key to reversing the adverse situation of apple products. This paper lock

high order application in many people seems to be a fundamental solution for apple, which caused a strong reaction against apple, Qualcomm recently in Chinese application iPhone embargo, Apple has made the response, said Qualcomm's charges is not reasonable, and is confident that this appeal will fail.

and Apple also said the meaning of words: "as long as a reasonable fee will give", the implication is that I do not think reasonable money will not give, and also said that in recent years in the world was more than Qualcomm antitrust investigation that the unreasonable charges, the apple in the China ban that Qualcomm the requirements of the iPhone is not likely to succeed.

in control of apple to get rid of third party early action, the use of the iPhone8 series and iPhone X GPU is Apple's own R & D, which led to the bankruptcy of GPU before the cooperation of suppliers directly.

even the news that Apple even communication baseband are ready to self-study, perhaps this is the most worried about Qualcomm, once the little apple orders, Qualcomm will direct losses of billions of dollars, not to prosecute, later in the industry really can not mix.

Apple believes that Qualcomm will defeat the emboldened come from?

China first in sales of iPhone have to pay a low tax, more to create tens of thousands of jobs, there are countless parts providers, once the iPhone ban, the impact will be huge.

in ash, now both are assumed an unbowed trend, but the final result is likely to be reconciled, even when Jobs said to destroy Android, are finally able to reconciliation, because both sides understand the benefits of cooperation, always more than confrontation, the most important to find a balance point, no matter which side, eat not too ugly, not meat, others even soup are not qualified. In fact, apple

now appear so tough, just for their own and high bargaining chips, Apple also do not pay, not only unreasonable, more appropriate impossible, apple finally requested only hope Qualcomm to reduce licensing fees. Kathleen

want to say, if the final reconciliation between the two parties, reduce the high licensing fees, the iPhone can sell cheaper?

" finally to ask you, in the high requirements in the Chinese ban iPhone (all), do you think the requirements can be satisfied?

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