A short message on the Sichuan Tibet highway brings endless memories

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zhonghuawang· 2017-10-15 09:16:51

"thank you, let the motherland peace and stability, just have our people's happy life.". Salute to you! "October 11th, a WeChat friend circle SMS screenshot, let the military surgeon Wang island" fire "up", and this day has become his team to carry out the task since the most memorable day.

Wang Chuanyu timely treatment on the distress of Tibetan compatriots, small figure of enthusiastic people to participate in the rescue of his message.

in the afternoon, Wang Chuanyu in the medical department of the Sichuan Tibet military depot automobile group three battalion echelon, Haitong depot to depot Batang maneuver. The team had just sailed to the station for half an hour, the Sichuan Tibet line is riding a riding friends stopped the car fleet knife for help, a wounded Tibetan compatriots lying on the side of the road, not far from a motorcycle overturned in a ditch. Riding friends said that he rode by, just to see the Tibetan compatriots to avoid flying motorcycle accidentally pulled out of the roadbed, seriously hurt. Sharp knife car first time to echelon commander report, military surgeon Wang Chuanyu immediately arrived, launched rescue. In the judgment of Qing injured consciousness is not clear, but a large area without trauma, medical sterilized dressing for trauma, and recommended to hospital as soon as possible, crossing the masses and rescue the injured soldier car relay, the first time transfer to the nearest hospital of Mangkam county. 1.5 hours later, in enthusiastic people to rescue, Wang Yu sent a thank-you note. The

team reporter recorded the whole process of medical rescue, feel the masses of the Sichuan Tibet highway car soldiers gratitude and support, but also brought back the precious memory of this year, the Sichuan Tibet line, Tibetan and Chinese car soldiers promote civil military unity. They went into the Tibetan towns and schools, to help the masses in the past and emergency vehicles, with practical action to practice the "serving the people", the Sichuan Tibet line became the most beautiful scenery, has become the most lovable person "

soldiers and enthusiastic people relay rescue the minds of the people.

during the national day, the officers and soldiers walked into the village for many years, and held the flag raising ceremony together with the villagers.

officers and men asked the living conditions of the village people.

officers and soldiers send the festival condolences to the villagers.

9 8, performing Tibet transportation training missions soldiers rescue vehicle in distress.

owners thank the officers and men.

officers and men play games with children, spend 61".

officers and students and teachers and students in the parking lot photo taken.

", "good study", in the future to build a plateau home. "Officers and soldiers to encourage and support the recipients, Rahm grow up.".

students to young soldiers salute.

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A short message on the Sichuan Tibet highway brings endless memories

A short message on the Sichuan Tibet highway brings endless memories

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