Debut 20 years without fire, long ugly by Ruby Lin dislike

Sun Li Ren Ruby Lin on a perfect circle

beiqingwangyule· 2017-10-15 18:45:04

" earlier hit series "that is" flower won a lot of audience's recognition and support, the play as a female perspective based on the film, and Sun Li as part of Zhou Ying won the audience favorite.

"now that bloom" finale, many viewers also play enough, Zhao Bai accompanied Zhou Ying life, and played there will also play the deduction is perfect, not only is this role with frequent hot search, is visible popularity.

" is the debut for many years, has appeared in numerous works, played numerous roles, but has not been tepid, probably because the role played the role, not what a breakthrough, and take the drama "that year until Sun Li the month circle", is popular again shot up.

and Ruby Lin had participated in the "we love", is Ruby Lin as the goddess, but Ruby Lin did not seem to appreciate, all kinds of mind, also bluntly said that he is ugly, do not love clean, not a joke or

... Now... Long dormant for many years has been acting empress Sun Li recognized, he starred in "flowers" was invited to Zhao Baishi, ten years of sword, has finally fire, it seems Zhao Liying is not only the entertainment star with the empress Wang physique, the drama also fire many actor.

" in recent years, Sun Li's career is on the upgrade, can be said that there is only the most fire more fire, from the "The Legend of Zhen Huan" to "Mi months pass to today's" in "that bloom on a perfect circle", Sun Li has been moving steadily, and how can not win the audience favorite in the role that bloom Zhou Ying have tremendous courage and wisdom.

" while Sun Li play about is not much, but every every role is conscientious interpretation, from action to behave to the eyes, can see an actor's foundation and strength, every work of Sun Li can move, and her superb every actor's acting is worth learning.

" is the key to the success of the Sun Li family, the family is a woman of strong backing, there is a love of her uncle Deng, and lovely children, have such happiness, is every woman's desire, strong and independent woman. On the upgrade of the career, happy family, can be said that the successful empress life.

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Debut 20 years without fire, long ugly by Ruby Lin dislike