Star lovers chatting for the first time is really a sweet blow

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What does

say? Love is right. It's Valentine's day every day. After the

star couple public affair, the media have to carefully ask two people love, has what feelings, who was chasing who, what when determining the relationship, what the wedding, what time to have children, like a box of chocolate, these reporters have to ask.

orange Jun wrote a 10 pairs of star lovers love moment, the president again to single dog send crit.

today, Mr. Huang gives you an inventory of the feelings of the first meeting of the stars. The impression of the first meeting between boys and girls may be doomed to the future development of the two people.

× Jordan Chan dislike each other; Cherrie Ying

, along the way have to mention this to these couples, Jordan Chan domineering and domineering Cherrie Ying max.

Cherrie Ying had special love "young" in the pheasant brother, yes, but then a pheasant brother countless girls ideal love, boy to protect the girl from green to mature. However, when Cherrie Ying saw Jordan Chan, he didn't like it.

legend of love beans, I powder turn the road.

"this is not my type" + "not worth the ride" + "did not feel", can be said to be ten disgusted.

and Jordan Chan speech articulation is special, also by Cherrie Ying to abandon.

goods, a product of this imitation of Jordan Chan's speech Cherrie Ying, is really a storm of abandon.

" and she also learned that Jordan Chan is a very stingy person, don't ask others to eat, do not ask the staff to drink, gentlemen goodbye.

, but after they walked together, Jordan Chan became generous. Lead a fast "hooligan encounter very love to laugh Mrs.right, then put away the fun, return to the family, become" henpecked".

" of course, our son continues to abandon her husband, said Jordan Chan English is not good, and people abandon Hong Kong PU.

" is still in a variety of programs to the other Jordan Chan for fun --

"do you think your husband like what the dog"


" is the phrase "happy anyway. Are you in trouble, he is laughing".


Ruoyun Zhang Tang Yixin; Zhang Ruoyun and Tang Yixin, August announced the affair, "time has given us a fixed lover, and you give me time. "It's sweet, crying.".

users have long known that the two of them have fallen in love with each other, and have been caught by netizens for traces of show loving affection, though they never admit it.

two of them not in an interview about the first meeting of the scene, but micro-blog has been recorded. In September 20th

2011, Zhang Ruoyun and Tang Yixin met 1st anniversary, each of them sent micro-blog, but to delete the low-key.

"one year ago today, the ten thousand cannot meet the conditions to meet"

"ten thousand of all you dislike, ten thousand laosibuxiangwanglai determination, negation" ten thousand reasons

Word mother, even despise all speak so beautifully, this is clearly a situation.

Zhang Ruoyun is also made, said a year ago today, the torrential rain.

" this September 20, 2010 encounter, according to the description of Zhang Ruoyun blog text, the details are as follows: "if

is not a rainy day the cinema filled with the hawthorn tree there happened to be one of you stopped the red"

"if I am not anxious wild your indifference stubborn"

"but when I say I keep you with me"

emmmmmmm "under the Hawthorn Tree" is the 2010 release of

day, written out it is sweet to cry.

meets each other for the first time

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Star lovers chatting for the first time is really a sweet blow

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