Jay Chou was unhappy when fans followed the machine

Jay Chou Vancouver Kun Ling Canada

wangyiyule· 2017-10-16 03:12:21

entertainment NetEase reported on October 15th , according to Taiwan media reports, Jay Chou is still busy this time around the world tour, the completion of the Taipei field, and get to mainland concert, but he still hold time and Kunling together, on the 10 day he was photographed in Vancouver, the whereabouts of exposure, because 14 days to take away, he made a rare for this particular article, to the fans do not pick up and drop off, because this is a "private travel".

Kun filmed Skyscraper in Canada these days, and worked with Dwayne Johnson (Dwayne Johnson) on the international stage. Jay Chou in two places, while free to fly from Beijing to Vancouver, and then photographed the couple and friends drink coffee at Nordstrom, hanging about in the street, enjoy the hard-earned vacation, before this, because the fans heard the news in advance, they went to the airport.

in this regard, Jay Chou does not seem to be very happy, the 15 day at IG said: "Vancouver fans, don't pick off Oh, brother does not love this, if it is a concert that certainly welcome, but recently is a private trip, so let me revel in the corner of the street meet it. "Netizens have rushed the message" I want to meet you, which angle is easier to meet you ", fans also remind each other don't press, after all, Jay Chou want to relax and quiet together, friends wife.

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