College students quit their jobs, Shaanxi snack products sold to France

Shaanxi Li Wenjing France resign

shijuezhongguo· 2017-10-16 04:57:38

2017" in October 13th, Shaanxi, Baoji, Li Wenjing in Caijiapo Qishan County of Shaanxi Province town of noodles production line busy, resigned from one of Shenzhen's top five hundred enterprises, the students returned home business. Source:

roll dough and steamed mutton hamburger, is the famous Shaanxi snacks, before all the manual production, can not carry, Li Wenjing now design a mechanized production line, the pharmaceutical grade standard, producing a a convenient wrapper is easy to carry, open the bag.

, in order to suit the national taste, he has improved the product, a total of five different flavors.

and the traditional way are different, this enterprise mainly relies on the electricity supplier to sell, the product sells farthest to france.

Li Wenjing said, will continue to work hard, let people around the world can eat this Shaanxi snack.

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College students quit their jobs, Shaanxi snack products sold to France

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