Eddie Peng traced studio out late response

Eddie Peng come out of the closet Z

beiqingwangyule· 2017-10-16 06:08:57

10" in the morning of 16 August, Eddie Peng studio issued a document: "in view of the network rumors fabrications, rumors stop wise, has been handed over to the lawyers in the treatment. "

10 "on the evening of 15 August, the Internet was Eddie Peng out of the closet, but also made WeChat chat screenshots, many netizens said after watching not believe this is true, but some netizens said that this is the marketing hype. However, online screenshots show that it is hidden rules, and a venture capital company boss has a certain relationship, for this matter, many users can not accept.

in the early morning of 16, Eddie Peng studio also issued the first time micro-blog rumor, said that the lawyer will deal with the matter, and said that the spread of the Internet is purely fabricated.

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