Trump's biggest nightmare is coming!

Trump the United States Russia the dollar

niudanqin· 2017-10-16 06:25:17

, New York Times comics.


over the past nine months, many Americans are pondering a question: Trump needle water poured into, to oust him, what is the best policy!


no, Trump called over the invincible hand. He called Hilary a liar, has been stuck in the dogskin plaster Hilary, could not be shaken off; he called Kim rocket male, this nickname instantly spread all over the world … …


estimation is even worse. After all, Trump holds the state machine, after all, the United States or the world, in this world, only the United States government hit, not to mention the love "really" Trump, anxious to provoke him, but what will come.

, but one thing drops one thing, brine point tofu. Trump's biggest nightmare is coming. Because there is a person at his gate.

10 month 14 days, the Americans to open the "Washington Post" about Trump be startled at a full page advertisement, welcome to provide black material, as long as the ousted Trump, offering a reward of $10 million.

10000000 dollars, and it's all cash!

converted, nearly 70 million yuan, equivalent to you won the 10 Nobel prize!

carefully read this advertisement, "Washington Post" is not about politics, even openly slander Trump, for example, the interesting point:

this advertisement said: these irrefutable evidence, may be hidden in the tax Trump top secret declaration, or other records of a wide range of investment from Trump.

also said: Trump 9 months after taking office, the United States will mix was utterly routed, which has been proved by him to give the president the power to be exercised extreme, very dangerous .

advertising also said: wrong Trump, including his racism, causing domestic violence; is the most worrying, before climate change disaster coming, Trump might really will trigger a global nuclear war .

advertising also said : impeachment of Trump will lead to unrest, but in the next three years, if Trump continues to govern, the inevitable instability, the situation is even worse.

" that is to say, Trump is a genuine unqualified president ousted early than late ousted, too late, our earth is dangerous.

published this advertisement is the famous American erotic magazine "pimp" (Hustler) founder Larry Flint (Larry Flynt), is the wheelchair above the fat man.

Flint said in the ad, the impeachment of Trump to succeed, you must have strong evidence, evidence of this is a huge reward he reason - the search for Trump. Although

dedicated to pornography, but when it comes to offering a reward of $10 million, Flint said he was in the country. He said in the ad: I can use $10 million to buy luxury goods or do more business, but the world's most powerful idiot (Moron) down, more kindness knows no bounds!

if you remember correctly, Flint's "idiot" stems from the American Secretary of state Tillerson. It is said that a few days ago, Tiller Sen really unbearable, Trump is a big idiot … &hellip

; although Flint Trump black material reward, from tax records to Russia through confidential, the variety is not limited; but from the previous record, his best, or peach material unsuitable for children.

Flint talked about, before some American politicians but he is arrogant, the black material, a will they pull down a horse.

, for example, is his reward of evidence, in 1999, the house of Representatives Bob Livingston affair incident, was forced to resign; and, in 2007, Senator David Witt, prostitution by the exposure of political life.


often walks along the river. Where is the wet shoe?

Trump the huahuachangzi, how could not feed?

at the general election last year, Trump had been exposed in private chat about how to engage women, all kinds of rude words even threatened, "as long as you are a celebrity, they will let you do that, you can do what. "The United States on an uproar, a let his election to naught. On the second day of Trump's election, American women held a national parade.

the United States is a breakthrough, the United States may also have black materials abroad.

is very interesting is that American media Buzzfeed, U.S. intelligence agencies had quoted a 35 page "unconfirmed" the report said, Russia has mastered Trump a lot of "shameful" videos and materials, including his early sex scene in the Russian hotel.

according to this situation

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