A new generation of iPhone X exposure: screen size surge

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xinlangkeji· 2017-10-16 07:42:01

for apple, the innovation of the mobile phone is more and more limited, it is necessary to keep up with the market demand, in fact, what users need, you create what is not bad.

iPhone X to abandon the physical Home button, full screen design enabled, so expand the screen to 5.85 inches, and the body size did not expand much actual grip with not much difference between the 5.2 inch Android mobile phone, but also only than their own 4.7 inch iPhone a bit. The design of

full screen display area in addition to increase mobile phone, but also reduce the body volume, this is probably the main reason for Apple keen. Now, the latest news given by the industry chain, Apple has different screen vendors negotiate, we reasonably launched a larger version of iPhone X.

in addition, chain sources also revealed that apple is still a stylus with several suppliers, they will also like Galaxy Note, provide a stylus for iPhone, of course, the larger screen, this is indeed a good choice, after all, iPad has also ushered in the pen, so this is also equipped with iPhone what makes sense. The

report also stressed that apple is planning two full screen iPhone, a conventional 5.85 inch, and one to 6.46 inches, and will be the perfect pen. Statistical data from the previous

display, the global user preferences for more than 5.5 inch screen mobile phone, is still the main thrust of the entire mobile phone market to promote sales growth, so Apple does not conform to the needs of.

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