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TCL technology Yunnan GREE

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is a city surrounded by people who want to go outside, and people in the city want to come out. Traditional home appliance giants in this area, I'm afraid it will not be too good. GREE has become a lesson, two years ago, overseas sales of the first TCL communication difficulties.

10 9 evening, TCL group released a subsidiary of TCL communications technology equity transfer announcement, intends to purple group, Yunnan city investment three external investors transfer 626702217 shares, accounting for TCL communication technology 49% of the shares issued.

purple group has upstream resources industry chain in the mobile phone chip platform, RF and mixed signal chip and memory core devices;

Yunnan city investment transferee ODM mobile phone service providers wingtech technology 8.8% stake, and investment layout in semiconductor wafer field.

transferee C team has management and investment experience in communication and consumer electronics industry.

" after the TCL TCL communication technology holdings holds a 100% stake, after the completion of the transaction equity dilution to 51%, is still dominant.

man quietly rising, the continued downturn in

from the beginning of 2009 TCL communication performance rising, in 2015 reached 83 million 550 thousand global sales (including communications equipment and other products) vertices, including overseas sales of 74 million 220 thousand domestic manufacturers ranked first. But since then, TCL communications have suffered business downturn.

2016, TCL communications to achieve sales of 68 million 770 thousand, down 17%; sales revenue 20 billion 390 million yuan, down 15.8%; realize the EBITDA of -4.74 billion yuan (EBITDA). In the first half of

2017, TCL communications achieved sales of 21 million 169 thousand units, a decrease of 36.2%; sales revenue of 6 billion 870 million yuan, down 26.1%; loss range of 852 million yuan.

" due to rapid changes in the communications industry and the fierce market competition, TCL communication technology recently suffered the business downturn, transfer of shares to reduce TCL shareholders to share, to reduce the impact on improving the overall performance of the TCL group of losses.

man three brands lackluster

TCL communication in three major brands Alcatel, TCL and BlackBerry engaged in the design, production and sales of communications equipment and other products. Alcatel is facing overseas markets, and TCL is facing domestic market. Last December, TCL got BlackBerry's brand license. In the second half of

2016, due to the increase in the cost of key components of mobile phones and the fluctuation of the exchange rate in some areas, the sales and gross profit of TCL communications in overseas were affected, and the downturn was continued.

at the same time, TCL Communications China implemented a comprehensive reorganization, the release of TCL 950 sales did not reach expectations.

" in December 15th last year, TCL and BlackBerry announced the signing of a long-term license agreement, BlackBerry provides security software, service packs and authorized brand assets, mobile devices by TCL communication in the global scope of production and sales of BlackBerry brand.

BlackBerry frowned and found that things were not easy.

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