First look at the humble, but it is the most Chinese a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment of the background

Supply ship Chinese Navy Navy USA

kongjunshijie· 2017-10-16 16:35:33

" on the front, in the CCTV news channel reporter for the Beihai military naval fleet base commander of an interview with the picture in the background, appeared shortly before the column of forty thousand tons of new comprehensive supply ship "Chinese Navy Hulun" figure number. The interview with Chinese Navy senior officers with the new integrated supply ship as background shows the confidence and openness of the Chinese Navy again and again, and makes the Chinese Navy feel stronger and stronger.

" it is no exaggeration to say that the news picture in the background of "Hulun" can be regarded as the China Navy's "background", a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment after all the world can create such a super country only us warships. This comprehensive supply ship huge volume, advanced performance, can not only provide supplies for the sea with the sea maneuvers with sea formation, can also provide supplies for the China large navy aircraft carrier formation, to improve Chinese naval combat capability has great significance.

" it is reported that the Hulun Lake ship is a new comprehensive supply ship China independently developed, with the world's advanced level, the ship broke through a new sea supply device, large supply ship general design and construction of a series of key technologies in the design, supply diversity and supply ability.

" according to public information, the replenishment at sea ships using the device of Hulun Lake can realize automatic cargo and servo supply in state 5. The device is characteristic of equipment composition is complex, with two levels of wave compensation function, high degree of automation, the output load, fast response, and can minimize the duration of each supply, reduce the potential risk of being attacked when recharge. In addition, if the left side hose equipment Hulun Lake ship all put into use, the supply ship can also from the two side at the same time as the aircraft carrier and destroyer and frigate cargo supply.

" in the Hulun Lake Road into the column before the Chinese navy has 8 aircraft type 903 large supply ship, but the ship speed is less than 20, while the Liaoning ship speed in the 29 quarter, 052D destroyer speed in the 32 quarter, the supply ship to keep up with the speed of a aircraft carrier formation speed, can not provide guarantee with the formation, the Hulun speed up to 25 knots, allegedly, compared to 903, can China Navy carrier formation provide logistical support work. The supply ship tonnage

" China Navy before the equipment is around 20 thousand tons, which is the mainstream of world supply ship level, only the United States has built more than 40 thousand tons of combat support ship, can be equipped with fill the entire aircraft carrier formation in sea fighting all supplies with the formation of aircraft carrier with operations, but this has been more than the tonnage of light aircraft carrier ship construction is very difficult, strength, dynamics, structure design must be to supply ship using the new technology and method of stress and fatigue strength, the difficulty of design can be said as a carrier, a carrier state may not be able to create it, and not to lower the tonnage level supply ship will be able to solve simple amplification.

" and the Hulun Lake supply ship into the column indicates that China has become the second after the United States and to build the level of 40 thousand tons of giant supply ship technology, become the world's second self built for large aircraft carrier formation provides with a large supply ship security in the country, at the same time, it also marks the Chinese Navy became one of the two national naval ships such equipment at present, another is the United States, while the other has aircraft carriers, Britain, France, Russia and other countries are not the supply ship, or currently do not have the ability to build such a supply ship.

" so the success of the construction and in the Hulun Lake comprehensive supply ship for naval equipment level China entered the forefront of the world, it is enough to be proud of. With the construction and development of naval forces, there will be more new combat equipment and warships to join the ranks of the Chinese Navy, becoming the leader of global naval equipment construction.

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