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"first learn kowtow, I am nine years old. I learned how to keep my legs inward and downward, at the feet of my Chinese grandfather. For a moment, he was determined to teach me something about my ancestors, something that I had forgotten in the three years that we were 6794 miles apart.

when my head touches the floor, I close my eyes, but an image - an image that I soon believe in my respect - remains in front of my eyes, asking for my reverence. This image is a special way to show the man - relax your arms around the chest, feet apart, and wore a reserved praise -- my grandfather still often enter my mind, reminding me: since then, I have been in the kowtow. "

, this is the beginning of a student paper I read when I was teaching assistant last year. She described the "kowtow" situation often floating in my mind, sometimes the protagonist changed to me - my childhood will be staged during the Spring Festival kowtow: ancestor worship and new year call. At this ceremony, it seems that I am her, she is me, and we are all Chinese girls growing up under this ceremony.

before we know our dignity and value and gain independent judgment, we learn to kowtow, learn to be good, learn to obey, and learn to look up. As a Chinese American woman who grew up, my American daughter is increasingly losing my mind".

learned from her daughter

to defend her rights

my daughter, four years old, was born in New York. Just over a year old, as we moved to New Haven.

I understand childhood parenting, only the "China mode" with sleep, after feeding, the baby wrapped dumplings winter warm...... My wife and I even tried to change ways of raising baby after birth, such as sleeping by point to eat, do not eat rice, and so on, but because the elders often cannot accept, we also have no grasp, so could eventually fall back to the "One principle runs through it all., Chinese mode".

maintains the Chinese model at home, but the child goes to kindergarten at the age of one. She Monday to five evening, in the school to develop a lot of different habits, such as winter or summer, always run barefoot in the room, with the kids play with the toys will require a fair share of walking on the road often claimed to be the leader......

gradually, we have to admit that we really have an American in our family".

every afternoon after school, we have to pick up our daughter from kindergarten, and then take the school bus home. It may take only ten minutes, but from kindergarten to bus, there is a ten minute walk, and it is still unknown how long it will take to get on the bus.

so it's a pretty long time to get out of kindergarten and go home, and it's possible to have an embarrassing situation during this considerable period of time - she's in a hurry and can't find the toilet, so she's peeing her pants.

she was in charge of meeting her during that time. After this embarrassing situation, grandma always asked her to urinate once before she left school.

she often rebelled and said to her grandmother, "I don't want to pee now."". Grandma insisted, and she said, "I know if I want to poop.". If I want to, I'll go. If you don't want to, you don't go. "

grandmother continued to persuade her:" sometimes you don't want to, but when you go out, you think, so it's better to poop every time. Despite the fierce resistance of her daughter, she insisted on letting her go.

I started to agree with Grandma's advice, so I sometimes took advice from my grandmother. Daughter continue to protest, so every day after school like a tough battle. Until one day, the daughter and protest against the "policy", she said righteously said: "how can you specified! "I watched her face flushed with anger, and suddenly realized that she had been working hard to maintain her most basic autonomy in her body.

I'm ashamed: when we are under the instigation of love and roughly stipulate when she must go to poop, what is the nature of what we do and limit and deprive women of the right to abortion?

I also pay homage to her: what is the nature of her struggle against women's reproductive autonomy? She can choose to obey, or even to go to private, so as to ease their own release; but she did not, she chose not to fight a life-and-death struggle and not give up, day in and day out.

dear, thank you for the mother of the church, compared with the huge damage infringing the basic personal autonomy, even if the parents can bring some benefits of well intentioned interference -- allows you to avoid the embarrassment of a few times on urgency discomfort - it is how The loss outweighs the gain.

girls love to play games, especially scissors, stone cloth, hide and seek, and chase. When playing games, she often insists on making and explaining rules by herself. When she was playing with a pair of scissors, she suddenly stretched out her index finger and said, "this is the tail of a bee. It can win cloth and scissors at the same time, but it will be lost to stone.". "

again, we were chasing and playing, and the daughter was carrying out the rules

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