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Eighteen five

party, President Xi Jinping and the leaders of the Central Military Commission and the people's army guided a historic step in the journey of a strong army. In the past five years, the Central Military reporter has been accompanied by all the officers and soldiers walking on the road of strengthening the armed forces. CNR military is launching a special plan "endeavour to meet the nineteen big military journalist in five years of strong military road". Five key military journalists interviewed all year round to the whole army, to show you the five years of their observation and appreciation of the strong army changes, the details of thinking, there are feelings in the story.

Central Military reporter has participated in the red and blue confrontation exercises between Zhu and Japan for five years. Confrontation, there is victory or defeat! A red army political commissar, almost tears brim over with tears in the reporter Ji Mengnan, head carved an indelible mark. In five years, the Reds winning myth gone for ever, I was in the refraction of back-to-back combat confrontation has become a reality.

today, let us and CNR military correspondent Ji Mengnan, Gen Gi Khan had driven into the grassland, taste the red and blue game in peace time, see "Zhu and the red and blue".


"cross - 2014 - Zhu and C scene, quickly entered" the main equipment

up against the test, we want to win the confidence very full, they. But after seven days, we lost. "This is 2014, an army armored brigade political commissar Liu Haitao in Zhu and training base interview with reporters opening remarks. As the maneuvers in the red, they lost to the base of the professional blue army. The moment of defeat of the grassland, his eyes with tears in the reporter's mind.

Liu Haitao said: ", we lost at that time, very sad, but lose value. Later reflection, why defeated? One of the most important aspects is that we have not trained , the basic standard of combat effectiveness according to the requirements of actual combat. It has not really been set up in our party committees and commanders at all levels. "

" in the "-2014" Zhu Zhu and "military exercises", the seven military areas of the 1 Synthetic brigade came to Zhu and base, and the blue brigade turns out real confrontation. Surprisingly, the 7 brigades won 1 victories and 6 defeats. before reporters always think that blue defeated hongshenghuo is the inevitable result of the drill field. However, from that summer, such "inevitability" was broken.

2013 Army Day Eve, Xi Jinping issued orders to the army, we should always adhere to combat the only fundamental standards, all thoughts focused to fight, work hard enough to fight. It is in this year, Zhu and bases have a belong to the former Beijing military professional blue army, came to the base of training units of the Red Army had a hard stone. red and blue, on the map to the officers and soldiers from the combat helmet armband, and has since become Zhu and bases most two colors of the flag. Real combat, become the main melody unchanged here.


"cross - 2015 - Zhurihe infantry unit combat training exercises for the red

2015, across the -2015 maneuvers to Zhu and on further escalation of the degree of difficulty, the participating fighter jets and helicopter gunships was first used in military battle system, target on the ground combat effect can be more clear interpretation. The joint campaign of our army took another step forward. After many rounds of confrontation, the blue army once again scored a complete victory.

served as the blue army first brigade commander Zhou Zhiguo said in an interview with reporters: "from the army of the Red Army troops were in Zhu and defeated, how much heart some not convinced. After the 2015 series of military exercises, it is recommended to add one in the last exercise of the year, exchanging roles between the two sides. Make a strong army who became a battlefield for the defense to attack. But the result was the Blues' victory.

Red Army must make its training closer to actual combat if it wants to defeat the blue army. However, what is the actual combat environment? How close to the actual combat environment? The reporter tried to find the answer in each of the troops interviewed.

"cross - 2016 - Zhu and exercise, the participating units are moved into the assembly area for

2016 years, the reporters came to Zhu and base again, interview" across -2016 "exercise, this is the synthesis of brigade army command organization after the establishment of the organization for the first time maneuvers. The Red Army displayed fierce bravery and successfully broke through the blues line. When the 11 armored brigade tank company commander Yu Qinghuai said: "the biggest difficulty is unfamiliar territory war, the commanders at all levels, whether it is business level, company level, line level, even single level commanders for all usual tactics, flexible disposal situation and flexibility, is put forward higher requirements. "

exercise" is a mirror for army training. The value of Zhu and Japan base is to use a close to actual combat level

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