Taiwan Army Corps targeting people, local calls for military apology

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tengxunjunshi· 2017-10-17 06:50:52

99 Marines brigade Lin Yuan flow range bomb wounding. The picture shows the people experience the T91 rifle simulated shooting in the weapons exhibition. Source: Taiwan time electronic newspaper.

in new network on 16 October, according to the Taiwan Times reported that the Taiwan Army 99 Marines brigade last week when shooting suspected injured by stray bullets houxing employees, causing social concern. The DPP "legislator" Lai zuiryu today (16 days) and 4 local long jointly held a press conference, and announced the photos. Lai Rueilong broadside, sea 99 brigade yesterday afternoon only issued a 2 page disposal report, even the review are not, even Taiwan Defense Department only afterwards to send packets to the victim, the black box is unacceptable in the long dragon; Huang Wenyu bluntly, if the propylene groove by stray bullet factory, even the relocation of the village are not used directly on the village Taiwan, calling for people to apologize to the military.

Taiwan 99 Marines brigade 12 T91 rifles firing training, bullet spread to the small port 2 kilometers outside the road in a factory, working at the plant's 29 year old employee surnamed Hou was hit by a stray bullet right shoulder, was rushed to the hospital in time to remove the bullet, no serious person. Lai Ruilong announced today, the scene of a total of 5 bullets, of which 1 hit the work of Hou surname employees, 1 smashed employees automotive glass, and the other 3 were scattered in the factory area, the bullets flew nearly 1.5 kilometers away.

Lai Ruilong pointed out that the incident occurred because of the nearby Siaogang Road, by the threat of terrorist to the nearby public security situation, and there is no trivial matter, along the sea, Lin Yuan and Lu people in taliao import, if a stray bullet hit people of important organs, for fear of causing irreparable damage. Lai Ruilong requirements, Taiwan Defense Department should find out the truth, if lax discipline leads by event, must punish dereliction of duty, has not been identified before shooting should be stopped.

Taiwan Defense Department to respond to the incident, the shooting guns for the T91 rifle, the effective range of 600 meters, a maximum range of 2653 meters, the 8 companies a total of 463 people out of 175 meters prone shooting training, the investigation is part of the staff is not qualified by a stray bullet shooting, flying. A stray bullet causes two, one is the shooter shooting when nervous, causing the gun, ballistic high flying back playing surface; or the muzzle angle is low, in the target before the landing impact gravel leads to pop back playing surface.

stressed that Taiwan Defense Department, also need to cooperate with prosecutors of bullet instrumentation, in order to clarify the reason.

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Taiwan Army Corps targeting people, local calls for military apology

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