The limited edition Xbox One X will start booking on October 19th

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youxishiguangVGTIME· 2017-10-17 09:10:11


Chinese today officially announced, "Xbox One X Project in Scorpio limited edition" in October 19th 0 officially in the official Microsoft store and Jingdong Microsoft official flagship store opened its pre-sale price of 3999 yuan. In addition, the regular version of Xbox One X will start pre ordering in November 1st, and all Xbox One X hosts will be shipped on November 7th.

Xbox One X Project Scorpio on the first day of the limited edition, similar to the previous version, not only has a special package, and the handle and the machine will be printed with the special mark of Project Scorpio, and contains a special upright bracket. This version has been sold out overseas, the national version of the pre purchase is a good opportunity for domestic players to collect, like friends must not miss.

Xbox One X as a member of the Xbox family, you can run all Xbox One games, which has 6TFLOPS computing power, 12GB GDDR5 memory, is today's most powerful game host. In addition, the host also supports true 4K Ultra HD Blu ray movies and online video, HDR high dynamic illumination rendering technology, Dolby Atmos surround sound really 4K entertainment, can bring the ultimate gaming experience for the game player who.

Xbox One X in the end, the regional policy, store policy, account and other information systems were not confirmed, after the actual evaluation of relevant content please you to get the machine we prevail, do not believe the other rumors online and inference.

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The limited edition Xbox One X will start booking on October 19th

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