On the list, but anxious to deny, the controversial rich list in the end is how to count?

Hurun Ali Hangzhou China's richest man

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) a list of "fried" out of a pile of invisible rich, but the rich people have been busy denying, make people have the next eat melon "Ba rich", a variety of scripts are everywhere - this is the recent Hu Run research Institute Hu Run's list of "first released 2017" after the lively scene.

report (source: Hu Runbaifu)

rich every year, this year is still very much. From the list of the situation, this year a total of 2130 entrepreneurs wealth reached 2 billion yuan and above, an increase of 74 over last year on the list; the total list number doubled over five years ago, ten years ago, 15 years ago, nearly 3 times more than 20 times.

, a 59 year old Xu Jiayin Hengda to 290 billion yuan for the first time to become the richest man is Chinese, Hurun Report 19 years of the twelfth richest man Chinese. The media reported that he squeezed Ma Yuncheng's new richest man ", but the latter on this list is not greater than the presence of Xu Jiayin is weak, even has the potential to catch up, because, Ali had 43 shareholders list, 25 new than last year. The

report said himself, "if Kanoue Chaechongnobu, before Ali drops Chengwei and June mogujie.com, Ali has nearly 50 people on the list in 1999, we first announcement, all Chinese found 50 people. "

as onlookers have a standing ovation, full of tears to the search engine to find how to squeeze the rich making machine" Ali, the evening of October 12th, Alipay public numbers released an article entitled "I am Chen Liang, I really do not have 3 billion" the response to the article, style is like this:

" who is Chen Liang? The vice president of ants gold clothing is also.

in the comments of Han Xinyi, is also a vice president of the ant payment service group, the two have in the articles and reviews cried poor, even with "iron stew" to resolve, let onlookers niumei (micro signal: buerniu5188) are yuxinburen.

in addition, the ant gold dress chairman Peng Lei also made micro-blog Tucao, said: "this list or draft list", real is the upright.

niumei counted Ali list behind Ma Yun six are from the ant payment service, it is no wonder that the latter is such a strong reflection. Niumei also specifically asked the Hurun Report, the other said, Hoogewerf himself has conducted response: Gold suit you list the ant ant wealth in a gold suit to estimate the market value to all public information.

Chen Liang is one of the Hangzhou Jun Jie equity investment enterprises in our query to the 26 shareholders, Zhan Youjun Jie, 3.39% of the shares, while Hangzhou Jun Han Junhao holds 97.18% of the shares, Hangzhou Jun Han holds a 42.28% stake in golden clothes ant. According to this calculation, Chen Liang indirectly holds 1.39% of the shares of gold suit of ants, and ants gold clothing market is in accordance with the $60 billion as a reference, the conservative deduction payment service commitment after the listing of ant compensation part of the market value of Alibaba group, according to the calculation of the market value of 250 billion after deducting 3 billion 400 million of the wealth, the Chen Liang digital. "Hu Run explained.


vision Chinese both sides should believe who each one sticks to his argument,?

cow sister think, before the judge, we can first understand the current domestic list of rich and its evaluation criteria, perhaps will be helpful to the cognition of this matter.

insiders said that the current domestic rich list has three sources of data, corresponding to the three criteria:

Bloomberg billionaire index statistics according to the market value of the assets assets

the index according to the daily change of the market and the economy to calculate the rich assets, the dollar, and update in the afternoon New York time 5:30 every day. The stock price of listed companies is calculated by the daily closing price. The value of Private Companies is calculated in many ways, including comparing its corporate value or price earnings ratio with similar listed companies, so the accuracy is higher.

Forbes -

" once a year in accordance with the financial allocation of the Forbes rich list, is used from wealthy families and individuals, stock exchanges, analysts, non shareholdings and financial information public databases and other sources. The wealth of non-listed company is based on the financial ratio and compared with similar listed companies.

Hurun -- comparison with the industry assets

in the evaluation of the Hurun list of listed company or the operation method and Forbes similar, but for Non-listed Company, it is with some of the same industry with the scale of listed companies

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