2 years old Meng girl's simple leisure wind wear, have such lovely daughter is too happy!

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tongzhuangliuxingqushi· 2017-10-18 04:34:14

"jacket" parents usually are how to her dress? In fact, for the little girl, not necessarily princess, Fan Shunv style is fashionable, simple and casual style is also very suction eye!

" this is to introduce the 2 year old fashion small adorable girl, simple and elegant style is her main outfit. A few pieces of classic can collocation is not the same as the tide baby charm, want to her advice mom and dad and baby, to see a small adorable girl style!


vitality bib overalls in recent years has become a tide of people's "Darling", with the age effect of the bib is very popular, and the kids wear it, naturally a little more vibrant and playful.

in a plaid shirt, collocation a corduroy pants, and wears a beret, temperament lovely!

SUSPENDERS PANTS can also take stripe coat, fresh feeling full!

" in the late autumn season, will cool four, wearing overalls kids can things take a warm and stylish knitted cardigan.


all-match knitted cardigan late autumn season, of course, to give the baby a jacket by several autumn! Like knitting cardigan, all-match and easy to wear off easily, choose soft and fresh color but the most appropriate.

can take the knitted cardigan shirt dress, long sleeved T-shirt and casual items, and can choose wide leg pants, very good-looking.

short cardigan collocation tapered pants, with a top color echoes woolen hat, looks very cute!

love to go out to play the baby, put on jeans knit cardigan collocation, beret the little girl, can also be very personality!


says fashion handsome handsome fashion coat jacket, you may say what style would be more suitable for the 2 and 3 year old child? Once the thick cotton padded jacket, vest was gradually replaced by the handsome handsome coat, want to second tide baby, of course to prepare a stylish coat!

wearing a windbreaker, Casual Shirts, pants or skirt collocation, make the street adorable girl fan.

" as well as the classic fashion denim jacket, worn on the body of minutes to add a lot of charm!

warm down vest, white + camel gray shape, with a simple and elegant feeling.


for a child's elegant wind coat jacket is actually a lot, not necessarily fancy it cute. For example, simple and elegant style of the shirt, it is very all-match collocation, but also with the baby skin!

brick red + khaki color collocation, contrasting the instant suction eye "img_box" ~

cotton coat is clear and comfortable, bring the baby not the same outfit feeling.

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