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After reading the admission criteria of British universities, I finally know where the gap is!

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zhongyingwang· 2017-10-18 04:44:50

decided to go to Britain to study, finally achieved 85+ results, it certainly can be admitted to university in the UK, but why the final result is rejected? To study in the UK is rejected is a normal thing, but why do I share 85+ still rejected this unfair?.

" but the British university responded to do:

the students, we feel shy, this zhuanyezhizhao 211/985 or large ranking Top100 students, you do not meet this requirement.

" as everyone knows, the British University School complex is very serious, not only to see the applicant's performance, but also pay attention to the applicant's school background. But why the website does not expressly?

look at the various "British university does not equal treatment

UCL ace professional economics, a student China ranked TOP 10 exchange experience, divided into 87, was rejected; West Liverpool, divided into 75, offer is

; the University of Warwick business school asked playfully 211, but it is the three to offer; the

TESOL of the University of Bath 211, work experience, a pair of non graduating students get offer;

the classmates were recorded to Sri Lanka, but I refused, I clearly were a little higher; the

is also a professional application of Saint Antoine, to the con80's background, but the LSE

con85 Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications; human resources or the media, three of the background, to offer;

and a two graduate, was admitted to University of Oxford, master of law

problem: what is the admission criteria of British university? Why British universities will


Chinese university school background? There are so many, but the Ministry of Education announced the formal university list 2914. However, the Ministry of education did not publish the official ranking of Chinese universities, but there were 211 (112, 109 colleges, 3 military academies), 985 (39) of these key universities in china. British universities, especially TOP 10, can only refer to the background of 211/985 (or list approved by British universities).

after all, there are many students who apply for TOP 10 hot topics every year. It's hard to screen if you don't set high standards. So those non party 211, the average is not enough, IELTS and low directly refused to drop, there is no room for argue, save time and effort, but also worry.

of course, only in accordance with the background of China's 211/985 card is not fair, because most of the science and engineering schools in 211/985, those who apply for liberal arts or business school partner said very sad. A background (Northeast University of Finance and economics accounting and finance in the country up to 10 TOP), but not 211, University of Bath refused to. Why not be double

British G5

admission? Some British universities, such as Cambridge, the popular professional LSE, in addition to the applicant's academic background, more attention to the work background. If you have the top 500 executives in the world, then the school will consider lowering academic background, because the strong related work background may be more suitable for this course. Sharing is not enough.

also has a couple of non graduating students, who have been documented by G5's popular majors. It may be the little partner who has a very special experience or talent. For example, international papers, organizations and participants of major events, highly respected scholars wrote recommendation letters for TA.

why the British university's official website did not release specific admission requirements?

when friends are doing research, a lot of time on the official website to find the specific entrance requirements, may be refused, just know that this school is ranked TOP100 Netbig network card. Some large TOP200 ranking card.

every year, the British university enrollment probably are not the same, for what is not to say, if the standard is set too high, buddies are wary of how to do? Not to mention some professional is required to pay the application fee, to give you a smile

why a very similar background some, some have been refused to offer?

" this situation has occurred, although two of the applicant's background are similar, but the British university enrollment is limited, taking into account the cultural level and so on, one of them was rejected it is a normal thing. And your application round there is a certain relationship, some British university application is divided into several rounds, the first round of the offer, accepted that the school is scanty, only a little lower figure, Kadesong background. Some people say that

needs to make a character. According to legend, UCL applicants have similar backgrounds and places, so admissions officials can't decide, and they choose one with their eyes closed. There may be exaggerated elements, but sometimes it is, the more intense the competition, the more cruel the reality.

British University attaches great importance to applicants' school background, and it is possible that you are rejected because of substandard school background, so students should make some preparations before applying for British universities.

finally, different British universities have different professional requirements, and some British universities require their own Chinese University list, and they are not public. So, small partners can only case by case, as much as possible to do some research as well.

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