The basic necessities of study in Britain and the advantages of studying in Britain

UK study abroad accommodation

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1. system is short, usually students need only a year to complete teaching graduate school;

2. short preparation time, because most of the professional English is not required to provide GRE or GMAT for the applicant, will save a lot of time to prepare;

3. application time flexible, for most of the students are not British deadline, so many domestic postgraduate failed students choose to study in the UK;

4. language classes, most schools in Britain for stage does not require the applicant to provide language achievement, applicants can fill again after receiving conditional offer language achievement, even if the students do not want to test the language ability, can also rely on existing IELTS to read language school course.

, the advantages of studying in the UK are quite a lot. In this paper, Xiao Bian mainly hopes to share with you the basic necessities of life in the United Kingdom and some other points of attention.


because Britain belongs to the island country, the land area is not big, so the climate difference is not as obvious as China and the United states. First of all, let's look at the climate types in the uk. Britain has a temperate climate, the climate throughout the year in the West Bank under the influence of prevailing westerly winds, often warm the impact by Wen Zengshi, from the warm ocean wind blowing, a lot of precipitation. In winter, there are often extratropical frontal cyclones, so the rainfall in autumn and winter is usually slightly more than that in spring and summer, although it rains throughout the year. The rain is mostly light rain and small shower, almost no thunderstorm. So umbrellas are essential in britain.

the temperature is comfortable in Britain. Most of the temperature in the year is between 10 degrees and 22 degrees. Therefore, the clothing mainly spring and autumn outfit. If the temperature is not low, it is recommended to wear a windbreaker, if the temperature is low, in general, wear a coat or cashmere coat is enough to keep out the cold. And because the British summer is very short, usually only 2-3 weeks the temperature will be above 25 degrees, so the summer do not need to take too much, for a short sleeved dress only need to deal with a month or so to. The British winter temperatures generally north will reach five degrees below zero to ten degrees, the south is generally not less than five degrees below zero, but the relative humidity, similar to the China Jiangsu and Shanghai area in winter, so cold to take down clothing is recommended. In addition, due to the mountainous areas of England, it is suggested to bring more sports shoes, which is conducive to adapt to the environment in mountainous areas. The


when it comes to eat, a lot of chowhound immediately mood.according joy of the heart, going to a foreign country to enjoy the delicacy. Unfortunately, most of the students are not very well suited to the British diet. British food is relatively simple, potatoes, fried fish are regulars on the table. In addition, the British food will be mainly cold food, such as sandwiches, salad, hot dogs, hamburgers and so on. Speaking here, not to go to Britain to study the small partners are not a bit flustered? Do not worry, do not worry, we always have the way to alleviate the homesickness of their stomach". Now, just listen to a small meanders.

first, I want to say is all over the world, in every kind of restaurant. Most of the cities in the UK have restaurants of national flavor, among which Chinese restaurants are the most popular and the most popular. In recent years, more cities have Chinese buffet, and can eat dishes from all over china. In addition, hot pot is also the favorite for international students to have dinner together. And, of course, here's a little less conventional way to recommend it. Small partners can buy hotpot materials and dips in the Chinese restaurant, and then go to the supermarket to buy meat, vegetables and other hot pot materials, back to the residence, the electric cooker as a hot pot, you can taste delicious.

in addition, for those ingenuity, cook buddy, you cook is a natural choice. Because most of the city has China British supermarket, buddies can buy most of the spices in the supermarket can even buy instant noodles seasoning, oh! In addition, if there is a buddy baked, it can directly go to the supermarket to buy bread powder, to do every kind of bread!

of course, the UK also has a lot of in England the delicacy, buddy, the delicacy is definitely worth a try. For example, the British Chafo (trifle), which is similar to the pudding is a traditional British food, dessert, usually made of fruits, cakes or cookies, custard cream, a layer made of layers of trifle is the biggest characteristic. It's an absolutely delicious food for a sweet little companion. In addition, for the carnivorous animals, the British sausage became their prey". The main products of the sausage to Lake Cumberland sausage (Cumberland sausage) is the best choice. Usually one is 3 sausages spread on a lot of mashed potatoes, or a long circle of sausage. Of course, eating sausage in England usually comes with mashed potatoes.


and most American colleges and universities do not provide accommodation for graduate students, the difference is that the British colleges and universities will provide accommodation for graduate students. So many students choose school dormitories. British dormitories are generally divided into Studio, En-suite and Standard. Studio's dormitories usually have students' own bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms; En-suit is a dorm room that contains bathrooms, but does not contain them

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