Cheap drugs often out of stock the government should think of a way out

Government approach low price expert

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< p > flow standard, rejection of the bids are common, some companies won the bid does not produce < experts appeal: cheap drugs often out of stock of government the want to approach the < National Health and Family Planning Commission on May 10 issued a notice of the said in many appeared tight supply, even out of stock of the sulfate fine fish protein injection (hereinafter referred to as the protamine), is expected to 5 at the end of the can to the market supply. < p > this round of protamine protein shortage again time often appear the shortage of cheap drugs phenomenon into the media spotlight. West China School of public health, Sichuan University professor Chen Dandi said that the market for this situation, the government should think of ways to solve the problem.

network retrieval can easily find in recent years, the emergence of low-cost drug shortages in the news. In August 2015, Beijing, Guangdong, Fujian and other places have appeared in succession, a drug called D of cancer chemotherapy drug shortages, many families of patients with internet access to post. < p > in the same year, a treatment of infantile spasms commonly used drugs injection promoting skin quality in Zhejiang, Beijing, many hospitals out of stock. Some hospitals even require patients to bring their own drugs before hospitalization. < p > Lilac Garden site to carry out a on the shortage of cheap drugs online survey shows, 77% of clinicians had cheap drug shortage problem.

Chen Dandi analysis, in accordance with the economic point of view, the root cause of cheap drugs often out of stock at the price. "Price to bring its profit is not attractive, or even a loss, of course, is not willing to produce. The government should think of ways to make the company willing to produce this product, the policy to make some adjustments, so that enterprises profitable.

despite the country from June 1, 2015 to cancel the vast majority of drugs from the government pricing, but the current implementation of Medicare reimbursement and drug bidding two yuan pricing model, in fact, is a limit price. Drugs to enter the bidding and health insurance directory, it must comply with the provisions of the relevant limit.

"medical insurance reimbursement and the tender reference price is how to make it? Have done rigorous market research and evaluation? "Chen Dandi said," as far as I know a lot of places do not do this research, just blindly emphasize low bid. "

" will lead to a shortage of drugs. "Dan Di Chen," said the bid winning enterprises reluctant to production, once the production nervous, the first stop out is a low margin product, because the production resources are limited. "< according to Dan Di Chen, some drug bidding because firms find it unprofitable and bids, and some enterprises after winning the bid and nullified the, what is more, successful enterprises feel worthwhile and products while hanging on the Internet did not produce, leading to hospital purchase. Some enterprises because can't earn money, drug production approval due not to continue the registration, and drug administration no production enterprises of supervision for the record, to changes in the market did not grasp. < p > National Health and Family Planning Commission 2014 release of "a good supply of low-cost drugs commonly used security work opinions" should be made to build low-cost drugs commonly used from the production, distribution and inventory to use whole process is updated in real time, dynamic monitoring and analysis of drug production and supply of information system by developing the dynamic monitoring of shortage of medicines, monitoring of key easy to shortage of pharmaceutical raw materials and pharmaceutical production and supply, timely analysis of judgments of drug supply security situation, do a good job of convergence of supply and demand.

Chen Dandi pointed out that most of the time, for its administration, not seriously to analyze. If it is analyzed, the corresponding countermeasures can be taken. Although some local enterprises of

its behavior has some punitive measures, but Chen Dandi believes that means not tough enough. Some local regulations in light of the drug within two years shall not participate in bidding again. "It is invalid, does not matter, this punishment is completely useless. "

not only to ensure the supply of drugs, while drug prices will not rise rapidly, but also to ensure that the interests of enterprises, how to take into account the interests of all parties? Chen Dandi said, with the amount of procurement is very important.

at present, the provincial drug bidding platform at the time of the tender, only said the reference price is how much, there is no demand, so that enterprises can not determine the total amount of profit in the end. Dan Di Chen analysis, which is why some companies bid or bid did not produce the reason, because there is no "quantity", enterprises are unable to accurately judge market demand and profit.

fixed point production is considered to be an effective way to solve the shortage of low price drugs. "On the work of the supply of low-cost drugs to do the work of the opinions" put forward, the amount of small, the market supply shortage of drugs in the pilot countries of the production, uniform pricing.

"to solve the problem needs a process, it can not say what the problems are solved, ended in a blink of an eye. The director of the China Medicine University medical price Chang Feng said, "protamine has now begun the fixed-point production. "(intern reporter Zhang Hongyan Wang Xinxin)

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