Xun Zhou welcome 43 years old birthday, husband sweet shout "Dear""

Xun Zhou Gao Shengyuan micro-blog Ping

wangyiyule· 2017-10-18 13:35:59

high Shengyuan screenshot micro-blog

NetEase entertainment reported in October 18th 10 18 months, is the birthday of Xun Zhou. Xun Zhou husband Gao Shengyuan forwarded Xun Zhou studio blessing Xun Zhou, "safe, Ruyi" micro-blog, and sent his blessing: "Happy birthday dear"! "Fans also send congratulatory messages:" Happy Birthday to xun! "

2014, 39 years old Xun Zhou and Chinese boyfriend Gao Shengyuan married, after the high-profile show love, sweet very.". But recently there are rumors of two people have already separated or divorced, now the birthday of Xun Zhou, the High Holy public blessing, also known as "dear", also let their fans love to eat a reassurance that you couple must be happy ah fans blessing.

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