Ling Ling dad is as handsome as Hollywood actors!

Kun Ling ZA

juziyule· 2017-10-18 16:13:15

today, Kun Ling posted online to wish his father a happy birthday and a picture of his father and daughter.

mom, dad is handsome, a Hollywood actor feel.

" as you know, Kunling is in Macao mestizo, father is living in Australia Denmark, the mother is China hybrids with South korea.

mixed sense.

never thought his Australian father handsome so cool....

" in fact before the photo, we found his handsome father, plus little Zhou Zhou's blond hair, is it because the genetic Macao + + Han gene?

in addition to Dad, his brother Yan value is also very high.

search search, photos of the father is not very much, anyway, one family is good, the importance of gene.

" Oh, found a picture of Jielun and father-in-law!

, so should we envy Jielun little Gong lift? The father is handsome, the wife is beautiful, the child is lovely, and the winner is life!

, the last sentence "

" is not knowing who to envy....

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