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The Chinese Navy dollars missiles drones

tengxunjunshi· 2017-10-18 17:28:56

anti mine, anti submarine, anti missile are called three difficult problems in the world sea warfare. The anti - mine is the countermeasure between the mine sweeping tool, the mine sweeping physical field and the mine fuse. Because of years of contact with such terrible opponents, the Chinese Navy's mine sweeping force is called "the sea death squads", so that the enemy is hate teeth itch.

" for almost a Chinese Navy unwritten rule: how high the ships all much, regardless of tonnage level, encountered hunting Minesweeper at sea, to salute it.

mine is one of the oldest centuries old weapon, because of its cost accounts for only a small part of combat ships but can destroy the value of tens of millions of dollars or even hundreds of millions of dollars from all kinds of ships, to have a very effective and formidable role in the war.

map for China's Navy Minesweeper mine launch equipment. The mine has become a powerful and offensive weapons, can be used as a weapon against foreign invasion of the sea, but also can be used as a naval blockade and attack weapons.

" especially in intelligent mine warfare equipment developing today, the mine has actually made of pure passive barriers to the new fire to attack the target.

" in order to deal with increasingly advanced mine, China naval equipment and a new generation of hunting minesweepers, it with a carrier and three tons of remote minesweepers, with low cost, simple operation and maintenance, the crew simplifies etc.. The picture shows a new type of lightning extinguishing equipment for the Chinese navy.

advanced design, high integration of information carrier minehunting system and equipped with advanced mine equipment, remote control Minesweeper equipped with more minesweeping gear under certain conditions can in principle be destroyed and remove various types of mine hunting. The picture shows a new type of lightning extinguishing equipment for China's Navy minesweeper.

the ship into the water after the ROV sonar to detect a target after not shutdown, but always use sonar beam to the target, with the fastest speed to arrive near the standard. Near the target, the short-range sonar and camera are used to recognize the target, and the information is transmitted to the console and displayed. The picture shows that the Chinese mine hunting Minesweeper successfully detonated the mine.

, if the target is recognized as a mine, the console will communicate instructions to release the mine bombs. After putting out the mine bomb, the torpedo quickly returned to the ship and detonated the lightning bomb, thus completing the mission of eliminating the thunder. From the perspective of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), the Chinese naval hunting Minesweeper successfully detonated the mine.

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