These are all free of charge since October! I don't know. You lose a lot!

Provident fund archives physical examination mortgage

gongrenribao· 2017-10-18 20:45:31


this month,

, these things are free!

everything is free!

don't miss it when you walk by.

can save you a lot of money!

if you don't know,

is a big loss!!



for provident fund loans cancellation fees

according to the Ministry of housing, the Ministry of finance, people's Bank of China jointly issued

"on the development of housing provident fund individual housing loan business notice",

canceled the housing provident fund individual housing loan insurance fees.

estimates that if you provident fund loans 500 thousand yuan,

can save at least 8750 yuan, if you

provident fund loans 800 thousand yuan, a period of 20 years,

can save at least 14000 yuan,

to do the provident fund loans must ask oh!


" personnel archives management fee to cancel

after graduation,

file is placed in the talent exchange center,

once every year to pay the file management fees, heart trouble!

these costs have now been cancelled!

human relations and archive custodial fees, inspection fees, witness fees, fees to transfer

files do not have to pay the cost of all!


free of charge for a health certificate according to

March 15th this year jointly issued the "on the clean-up standards of a number of administrative fees have notice" policy, from April 1st onwards, cancel preventive physical examination fees, examination fees to pay for a health certificate belongs to preventive physical examination fee.


free to apply for a residence permit

the State Council announced the "residence permit" Provisional Regulations, the provisions of


for the first time to apply for a residence permit to waive the fee for documents,

procedures for endorsement shall not collect fees.


" remote railway ticket 5 yuan fee to cancel our total

Chinese railway,

since October 1, 2017, the national railway railway ticket fee to cancel the remote,

in the train station ticket window, window outlets to buy train tickets in different places

no additional fee of 5 yuan each.


" housing transfer fee to cancel the

to handle the transfer of housing ownership,

no longer receive housing transfer fee.

housing transfer fee in accordance with the 4 yuan / m2 collection,

to 100 square meters of housing transfer, for example,

will be less than 400 yuan from today.


36" just need the high priced drugs into the Medicare drug

36 formally incorporated into the national basic medical insurance, work-related injury insurance and maternity insurance

Drug List B,

these 36 kinds of drugs are expensive just need drugs,

new Medicare payment standard the average retail price compared with


reached 44%, the highest reached 70%! 65 years old


"on the development of free medical care for the elderly and the implementation of the opinions" clearly pointed out that the


annually for the elderly aged 65 and above, including physical examination,

provides health management services for free.


" the abolition of domestic long-distance and roaming charges

China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom three operators

said that since October 1st of this year will be the full implementation of the

mobile phone to cancel domestic long-distance and roaming charges,

often travel in Anhui, you can say

goodbye and high roaming charges!


bank card fee, management fee to cancel

as long as you take the ID card to apply to banks,

will be able to exempt a bank debit card of

fee and management fee each year, each card will save you 20 yuan.


" peer remote access, transfer fee to cancel the

card can run all over, peer remote access, transfer fee to cancel, with a bank card to place money no fees, however, interbank business the fee is charged as usual.


bank draft fee will cancel the

recent development and Reform Commission, China Banking Regulatory Commission jointly issued a notice, since 20

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