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hawk26jiangwutang· 2017-10-19 05:30:08

10 17, "Syria democratic forces (SDF)" announced that after more than four months of hard fighting, they have liberated the extremist organization "Islamic state" the capital of la. The crowd celebrating the devastation of the square, they are the "Syria democratic forces soldiers, their hands with bright yellow and green flag to celebrate the great victory. In 2014, the rapidly expanding extremist group, the Islamic state, occupied the city and took it as the capital.

now the city is completely liberated from the shadow of "Islamic state" black flag.

SDF spokesman Talal Ciro (Talal Silo) said, once the city cleared of mines and may hide the militants, a complete victory will be officially announced la.

" from the beginning of 2017, Syria and Iraq Islamic state offensive, the liberation of most of the territory they occupied. In particular, Iraq's armed forces have recovered Mosul, Iraq's second largest city, with heavy blows to the Islamic state.

SDF, the Kurdish female soldiers, holding a bright flag, to celebrate the victory. SDF is the U.S. - backed Kurdish Arab alliance, which has received a large number of arms and equipment support, and the recent expansion of its territory and strength has become a force that can not be ignored in this region.

the place they celebrate is called "Paradise square", which used to be an important city center square in la. However, in the Islamic state during the reign of the execution here to become a notorious repute, many people were beheaded in this square, and publicly displayed many days.

, this victory has symbolic significance, announced the Islamic state began to enter the state of collapse.

, their victory in addition to the heavy blow to the Islamic state, but also become a regional instability factors.

" in September 25th because of Iraq's Kurdish autonomous region hold a referendum on independence, announced the upcoming independence. The neighboring Syria, Iraq, Iran and Turkey all expressed their firm opposition. The armed force composed of

SDF" is the factions of the Kurds, despite the current SDF control region and not to iraq. But whether they will join hands with Iraq's Kurdish autonomous region and seek to establish an independent Kurdish state is a common concern of all countries around.

10 16, SDF control in paradise square, Islamic state militants last is a stronghold of La stadium, they will be here as a prison. In the afternoon of October 17th, SDF occupied the La Coliseum, killed the last few militants and completely ended the battle in the city of la.

La battle destroyed most of the city's buildings. According to the international charity organization for the salvation of children, 270 thousand civilians from the fighting need months or years of aid. Many of the children were troubled by the scenes of violence, including the beheading of Islamic state militants and the Allied air raids on la.

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