What caused India conscription so hot?

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of a country's military power or not, the most basic and fundamental, or military, weapons and equipment can be manufactured, but many of the soldiers, it is a bit of training, condensed into a strong power. In order to have such a foundation, many countries have military conscription, but with the development of the times, more and more people selective occupation soldiers, such a special occupation, fewer people will choose, therefore, in the draft, but also a lot of countries have some headaches, too to relax the conditions in the recruitment policy. But the sad thing in this country is never worried in India, and it worries about too many people signing up for the army.

" and "class=". Why is India different from other countries in this respect? So many people join the army to worry about it? In fact, in the final analysis, the number of India military personnel is not controllable, or it is directly related to the overall economic level. Although India waved its gold on the international arms sales market, it looks like a pretty local tyrant! But in fact, the level of the people in India is really not even satisfactory, I'm afraid it is not enough!

" in India, the economic level is not high, even in the most developed city in Mumbai, is the capital of New Delhi, the overall economic situation is very facilities, poor, even more than China prefecture level city. In such a social environment, do not mention employment, employment opportunities in India is very scarce, many people are unemployed unemployed state. The employment problem is a very serious problem, people don't work no income, and life is a problem, it will cause the chaos of social order, unrest and other events.

" in India, this situation is the norm in the big city, not to mention the small city, village, India social order is a mess, that is how to do? Always solve the employment problem! As a result, India has focused its attention on joining the army, and the army can not alleviate the severe employment problem? In India, as long as a person in the family to join the army, then it means that the family is the basic guarantee, such a good thing, must go to ah, then, the resolution of India recruiting a young, India will have to join the army medical department, enthusiasm.

" and so enthusiastic is not necessarily is a good thing, because the army is numerous, many vicious incidents have occurred. In a 90s India comprehensive recruitment, because too many participants, causing a stampede of death conscription, conscription is reportedly only a nearly 50 people were trampled to death because of pushing extrusion. And after twenty-first Century, India, like this, because of conscription, stampede casualties are only increasing, after all, the population of India is also such a trend, so the army will only be more and more people. This happens every year, and every casualty is very serious.

" in 2002, the same as in previous years, this year India is full of conscription to abnormal, a little earlier registration, a little earlier physical detection, many participants in the day before the recruitment point to wait. When to open recruitment, in the back row of people a lot of crowded forward, everyone want to get their turn, and because of this, the personnel density is too large, resulting in a draft before the cement to bear weight, collapsed, killing many people fell to the cement under the ditch. At the end of the event that killed 32 people, injured.

" such events occur frequently, but also let India very troublesome, therefore, India conscription point every year in the continuous improvement of infrastructure, but not before enrollment pressure, or some unexpected events beyond the control of the trend. And besides accidents, there are many man-made accidents. In fact, it is easy to understand, in order to eliminate competitors, politics is a normal thing, and even hurt others, hurt like this event is repeated. However, it has also been suggested that in the future, with the economic development of India, the employment opportunities will be greatly increased, and the phenomenon that a large number of young people join the army may be controlled.

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