Switch updates 4.0.0 system to support video recording and archiving transfer

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youxishiguangVGTIME· 2017-10-19 09:23:58

Switch in the morning of 4.0.0 system update, update their game player system found an additional Chinese simplified machine system language, but in the choice of simplified Chinese will prompt "only displays the corresponding software to Chinese system, language will be English display", indicating that the current system language yet additional Chinese, but part of with Chinese did not show the game can now display Chinese subtitles.

" adapted from the micro-blog "NintendoSwitch"

in addition to Chinese language support, the 4.0.0 system also brings two important content updates, are recorded in the file transfer and support video and editing functions.

archive transfer

can be archived and transferred in the system settings -Users-Transfer Your User and Save Data. According to micro-blog "NintendoSwitch" test, the Switch file transfer is still a "move function", through close communication will specify data transfer and archive users to a new Switch, the original users to buy the software will not be used in the machine before.

" video recorded in

as part of the game game player in the game screenshot key long press, thirty seconds before the image will be saved. The player can edit the video in Album. The video format is MP4 format, 720P/30 frame. The video game for the support "the legend of Zelda wilderness" interest "Mario kart 8 Deluxe Edition" 2 "and" color injection group "ARMS".

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