Why is Alipay and WeChat to pay the war was over?

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tengxuncaijing· 2017-10-19 16:20:25

why Alipay and WeChat payment dispute is over?

said Chinese Internet competition will have to mention the "two horse war"; when it comes to the two horse war, you have to mention Alipay and WeChat to pay for two off the red war, war scenes, subsidies for Chinese in commercial competition leave an important pen. In 2017, the competition between the two countries even spread overseas. WeChat and Alipay pay dispute in recent years are hot topics; who is the winner? We unable to agree on which is right.

attended the Yunxi conference, I have a new cognition: today to discuss Alipay and WeChat did not dispute the significance.

ant gold service story

Yunxi told a conference of "opening" was originally just Ali cloud technology developers conference, today has evolved into a technology event in the Internet industry, Ali cloud is no longer the only protagonist, more and more business in the cloud Ali ecological habitat conference. This year, the organizers of the conference have added a new face: "Ant King". At this conference, ATEC, the gold ant technology summit, unveiled for the first time, with the theme of "technology openness"".

first announced the gold suit ant technology shows its BASIC strategy, the future will focus on five basic technologies: Blockchain (Qu Kuailian), Aritificialintelligence (Artificial Intelligence), Security (Security) and IoT (IOT) and Cloud computing (Cloud Computing) in five major areas, will also be extended to control the wind, credit and the ability of the three connection. CTO, the king of ants, says that all these skills and abilities will be open. Specific action, gold clothing technology open the matrix increases the ant 4 main contents:

1, ant gold suit before the ATEC announced a high-profile global on-line trusted identity platform ZOLOZ (Zorro ant), open biometric technology, make the industry can be convenient for users to identify authentication;

2, ant release of financial payment service cloud 2, issued the enterprise level financial level cloud computing platform SOFA, the goal is the next five years and 1000 financial institutions to carry out cooperation, to help financial institutions to use financial cloud services, to achieve IOE;

3, ant gold suit open block chain technology laboratory, support the safety of imported food traceability, genuine goods traceability;

4, ant gold service risk control team announced the opening of the wind control of cloud services, to help solve the problems facing the business security risks, such as sheep Mao party, credit fraud, scalpers, scalping and so on.

, "Ant King" technology opening strategy is not from this conference, opening has long been the strategic direction. Previously, the ant gold clothing has action in technology, such as in the field of artificial intelligence open intelligent finance, image damage, a number of intelligent customer service technical ability. At the beginning of this year, gold CEO ant well Yin Dong technical ability to promise the ant gold suit, mature an open one, ant payment service CTO Cheng Li said through the opening, together with partners to create the future, "not" challenge.

on the Internet giants are talking about "open" and "ecological" today, ant gold clothing ATEC, looks about a common story, that is not what this open, fresh, this is the routine that conform to industry trends.

compliance or lead the trend of financial technology opening?

in the financial technology industry, opening up is not only gold dress ants represent the general trend, in so doing, has always stressed that Baidu's open financial business has on financial and financial services such as cloud brain, micro public bank's Tencent will go to IOE technology architecture is open to traditional financial institutions … … look, we are doing the same thing.

why financial technology companies will be open to the public?

on the one hand, all walks of life have strong appeal for financial and technological openness.

technology is changing people's financial payment, banking, loans, insurance and so on financial life, traditional financial institutions must embrace the trend of financial technology, in order to cater to the needs of users, they lack of Internet technology, data and capacity, especially in cloud computing, AI and other Internet technology; at the same time, the financial leverage is the consumption and production, such as shopping travel, or even buy a car, because of financial and more convenient, all walks of life in the application of financial technology, to reduce the risk and improve the efficiency of innovation or business, such as the education industry need loans, bicycle rental car sharing free deposit … … all walks of life need ability of financial technology companies.

on the other hand, financial technology companies have a strong motivation for openness.

and traditional enterprises such as Coca-Cola will own recipes as trade secrets, Internet Co are more willing to let their transparency, such as Google will have the leading field of AI TensorFlow machine learning framework, the core purpose is to let more smart people work together to improve the framework, accelerating its development process. Furthermore, technology openness can allow more partners to enter their own ecology, that is conducive to business promotion, and hope to form a business model similar to cloud computing. Plainly, partners over the road went wide, one chidushi road will become more and more narrow.

ants Kim CTO Cheng Cheng also named this motivation on ATEC:

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