China high Tiebiao 1468 kilometers per hour? Netizen fryer

Signal Beijing Qingdao Jiuquan

qudongzhijia· 2017-10-19 17:56:38

The revival of

EMU has begun to popularize 350 kilometers per hour, but the comprehensive promotion also need a period of time, and a short period of time can not be further improved, the super high speed railway 1000-2000 kilometers per hour and is currently still in the fantasy.

" is interesting, @CIT500 users today take Renaissance high iron, found in car information sign reads "1468km/h"!

this is obviously an error, but netizens suddenly raged a joy:

wheel, closed bogie, throwing the pantograph, open the head

the fairing gear speed is not a problem, can throw the

the Concorde are not ah. Come to the edge of the city, to roll down the window

had this round no ground, breaking the sound barrier

Gxx train station X

driver speeding through that tower, please quote under the GS

telemetry signal

Jiuquan Dongfeng normal, normal; Taiyuan, Beijing, a remote sensing signal is normal; the normal signal; Qingdao normal

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