Finished pulling cupping shortness of breath, the man right lung even disappeared"

Doctors bullae CT Wuhan

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65 year old Wu Diedie did not expect ten minutes after

began to shortness of breath and chest pain pale

&hellip in cupping

; …

CT was sent to the hospital to check that

Wu dad's right lung almost disappeared!

Wu dad has a history of bronchitis and asthma for more than ten years. Last week he felt a chill on the body, he called his wife to give him to pull cupping.

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a few minutes later, Wu Diedie felt very painful cupping, 10 minutes after feel right chest panic, slowly breathing more and more poor, his face pale, his wife found quickly call 120 emergency calls that will be sent to the Central Hospital of Wuhan lake school district.

CT examination showed that the right lung is compressed by 90%, almost disappeared, the doctor judge this spontaneous pneumothorax caused by cupping.

how did this happen? We

Department of thoracic surgery director Chen Baojun told reporters, Wu dad suffering from bronchitis and emphysema, bullae of lung and the limitations of the weak parts of other lung diseases, his lungs and ordinary people is not the same, Wu Diedie has a variety of chronic lung disease, often accompanied by injury or pulmonary alveolar fluid retention.


graphic unrelated cold weather, if the traditional cupping cupping in the care process, because of the pain, the local high temperature, easy to cause the pressure change in the chest, the chest in a short period of time, rapidly changing internal and external pressure, leading to the surface of the lung bullae rupture, intrapulmonary air into the chest, and pneumothorax. If the discovery and rescue is not timely, it is easy to cause life-threatening. Dr.

» » » warning;

lung disease (such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pulmonary tuberculosis, lung cancer, lung abscess, bronchiectasis) be careful to choose the cupping treatment of disease.

cupping doctor should also ask patients with chronic lung disease, the use of safe and effective way to cupping therapy, or cupping can be broken out of lung.

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