Sagittarius likes a person's way

Sagittarius like one the people the way each person in fact have their own characteristics

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everyone has their own characteristics, the characteristics of a person is what will directly affect their life, when faced with the emotional way, while the constellation different often have different personality, and look for the constellation Sagittarius, if you love words in emotion they will go to the expression in what way? If you want to know, then quickly with small make up together, below to see the related content introduction!


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main mode: inside and outside the main features of

: the more care, the more don't let the other found

specific performance: Sagittarius this is also very abrasive, and especially when love love love, completely reduced to negative iq. That's the best thing for kids to use in Sagittarius, and the people they care most about are the people who hate them most.

so, once you love someone, they pretend to hate you and pretend to be cold. Pretending not to look at you, touching you on the road, pretending not to know you. But they secretly buy you the same laptop, the same pen, the same mobile phone, and let you get a gift on singles day and Valentine's day. (fortune

revealed the way you love Sagittarius

SAGITTARIUS: you and his friends

in Sagittarius love you love there is not much difference with other friends, but he will be particularly keen to invite you to join his circle, and his evil associates an idle away in seeking pleasure.

most people can not understand this thinking, because love is a small circle of you and me behavior, and so many onlookers how to talk about the audience? But Sagittarius person is such a thought, he thought it was the friendship and love the best.

actually, the free Sagittarius doesn't really mean who you are, but it takes him out of the social circle and puts the other person into his circle. It's the way he likes a person, who gets used to it.

: To sum up the content of the summary that Sagittarius people in emotional love if the way you are; not in inside and outside is cool, a Sagittarius man in life, even in the face of love they are very sensible, if they love a person so they will pretend to hate you, pretend to be indifference, pretend not to see you, but my heart is very care about you.

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