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recently, a lot of friends in the circle of friends is a muscle bodybuilding fitness coach scraper. Flat hair, six pack fresh and kylin arm full, many people exclaimed, "this coach is handsome now". However, people did not expect is that the handsome coach turned out to be a girl born in 1995 in Hunan, named Sun Jingqi, is grade 2014 in Chengdu Sport University sports education professional training in reading senior.

19" in the evening, when Chengdu Daily reporter contacted the client Jingqi sun, she was with a friend in the gym training equipment daily. She was a pretty girl, not tall, about 1.60 meters, and a large black T-shirt was tightly wrapped around her. As the news circulated on the Internet, not only handsome, the muscles of the body weight and the line is not lost to the gym and the other boys a tiny bit. Don't look at Sun Jingqi's age. It's hard to find a couple of opponents if you compare her with her muscles.

Sun Jingqi bodybuilding has been more than 10 years, not only save a muscle, and full of experience, winning only in the provincial Bodybuilding Championships, national Bodybuilding Championships in various sports competitions, as early as 2013 is a national track and field athletes of 200 meters. During the reading period, he has long been a fitness equipment trainer, track and field coach, at present, is in the University of Electronic Science and technology fitness team coach, responsible for preparing for the tournament guidance.

" from the track and field experts into "small" aerobics teacher's bodybuilding champion

Sun Jingqi began bodybuilding, or a few years ago. Along the way, she said, "thank you very much to three people.".

is the first of his mother, the former athletes will be genetic powerful to his daughter, the Sun Jingqi in the primary school sports meeting of the fifth grade primary school often win, when he was selected as the track coach, to the sports school specialized seedling cultivation. "Sports School" has three or four people, like me, track and field athletes remain at about 50 people. There are some influences in class. We should train in the morning and afternoon, more than 2 hours each time. Because of this, Sun Jingqi's father once opposed his daughter training track and field, and finally forced it back home after the first day of junior middle school. However, in the end, I couldn't beat my daughter's summer vacation. "I really didn't want to give up track and field, and kept asking my father to go back to my school." he said, "if I insist, I'll say yes.". "

"but who has been trying to stop her daughter's father Sun Jingqi is to continue running, second want to thank the people. The mutation occurred in the year after returning to the sports school, "track and field is an injury prone sport, when my body accidentally suffered heavy injuries, to the need for surgery.". "Patients often suffer the pain of a fragile heart, she is no exception, Sun Jingqi felt his athletics career will end, also think later returned to the ordinary junior high school with learning" ". But at this time, her father said to her: "when you chose to return to the sports school, your choice should stick to the end.". Suddenly, all the unwilling and resigned to the heart, a father's words will Sun Jingqi back from the cliff of despair, such as physical rehabilitation, she returned to the sports school to resume training.

a lot of people do not know, from track and field experts into bodybuilding "boy", Sun Jingqi's enlightenment teacher was the 2011 Hongkong bodybuilding championship 70kg champion Hu hu. In order to family responsibilities, but also to the lifelong bodybuilding lifestyle and participate in the competition in the end, Hu Can returned home to Hunan after winning the Yueyang open gym, where he found Sun Jingqi, the root of the "good seed". "I happen to be in the teacher's gym," he said. "I'm particularly good. If you follow him for 2 or 3 months, you'll be able to take the champion of the province, and you'll be able to win the national championship in 2 and 3 years. Hu's praise makes Sun Jingqi jump for joy. She began to pay attention to bodybuilding. At this point, she was injured too much by track and field, and she couldn't run any longer. In the first year before she started, she followed Hu Hu to start the aerobics basic skills exercise.

ten year long fitness road one minute on the stage takes ten years

proper muscle training for track and field athletes is very useful, seven year career in athletics down a solid foundation for Sun Jingqi to play. During the period, two times a week muscle training, never interrupted. After college, it turns out six times a week, 90 minutes each time.

heavy weight training muscle increased, bench press strength continue to strengthen the squat, deadlift, and at the same time, strictly control the diet to maintain body weight, high protein food, high salt and high oil food do not touch the basic, and basic

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