Britain, you call me, and I'll call you!

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guangzhouPLUS· 2017-10-20 18:25:32

according to the "South China Morning Post" 19 reported that British Prime Minister Teresa • Mei 18, questioned by Congress as vice president of the British Conservative Party committee Rodgers refused entry. Hongkong said Britain has been and will continue to make representations to the Chinese side at all levels. This

, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said in an 20 "Global Times" inquiries, China has summoned the British Embassy officials in Beijing, the British have recently on this issue a series of false statements to the British side made solemn representations. Said the foreign ministry's regular press

Lu Kang held in 20 will respond to questions related to the "Global Times", Hongkong is a special administrative region of the central Chinese. The government is responsible for the foreign affairs relating to Hongkong. China's central government and the SAR government deal with relevant issues in accordance with the law. It is the sovereignty of China to allow the entry of and who is not allowed to enter. China has summoned the British Embassy officials in Beijing and made solemn representations to the British side on a series of erroneous statements made recently by the British side on this issue.

"I would like to emphasize that Hongkong affairs are purely internal affairs of China, and China will not allow any foreign government, institution or individual to interfere in China's internal affairs in any way. "Lu Kang said.

" according to the report, Teresa • Mei said 18 days, to ensure that the protected mode and one country two systems continue to implement, the British Ministry of foreign affairs has on the matter at all levels and the negotiations, "and we will continue to do so".

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Britain, you call me, and I'll call you!

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