Man playing mobile phone on the street, being a fire hydrant

Man playing mobile phone on the street being a fire hydrant

hulianwang· 2017-10-20 22:54:55

The emergence of

smart phones has brought great convenience to people's lives, but there are also side effects — — many people indulge in mobile phones unable to extricate themselves. After watching this scene, can you still enjoy playing with your mobile phone?

recently, a foreign video became popular on social networks in October 13th, a man sitting in the streets of Brazil to play mobile phone, because for a long time to maintain a posture motionless, a passing dog turned out to him as a fire hydrant, then lift the leg...

dog in their own behind the toilet, until the back was a burst of heat, suddenly leaped up to catch up. Man angry, fly one foot to kick at the dog. But the dog ran too fast, and the man kicked it.

users have commented: ha ha ha halitus to bite

are playing before eating and playing mobile phone mobile phone Hot pot, walk the accident, now sat playing mobile phone are dying, or standing to play, play (not lying, lying will hit play to face

) looked at the clothes thrown away

dog: brother, ah no way

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