300 of the legendary sniper strike had been killed

Iraq sniper fight war

junwuciweimian· 2017-10-21 18:53:24

" remember that a man shall adhere to a year, more than 200 famous sniper terrorists? Recently, two legendary snipers were killed in iraq.

recently, the Iraqi security forces and paramilitary forces in the recapture of northern Haweijie (HAWIJA) in the battle, and continuously killed two legendary sniper.

A is on the left side of the Mohamed Satia (Al Mokdad al-Seady), another is Abu Tassin (Abu Tahsin al-Salhi). They are not only outstanding, but also have special propaganda significance on the network.

" is the rapid reaction brigade sadeiah Iraq (ERB) captain, have been on firearms, on behalf of the Iraqi army had held in the exhibition in europe. But is such a good officer, in October 4th entered a building in Haweijie City, was buried in an improvised explosive device (IED) which killed.

" he is recognized as a rapid reaction force in Iraq good sniper, so a lot of the time he will choose the right business for the Iraqi army rifle as weapon system. He was trained by American military instructors, tactically and technically, entirely american. The main use of

HSR "is sadeiah cyclone (Cyclone) 12.7mm sniper rifle, the bullet gun using 12.7× 99mm, is a commercial version of the product, but the accuracy is very good. Iraqi government forces used it as standard equipment to fight against extremist groups.

" in the battle, Captain Satia used the "cyclone" large caliber sniper rifle to shoot a large number of militants. He also imparted valuable operational experience to other officers and men.

" at his previous personal home page, found that in addition to the use of sadia "cyclone" also used the M4 carbine and Remington M24 sniper rifle.

Abutaxin old man and captain Satia, he is in a paramilitary organization, as a supplement of the Iraqi security forces. Through the analysis of the old man's movements and tactics, he received the shooting training of Soviet experts when he was young. At that time, the Soviet Union and Iraq had a close relationship.

"was almost hit sniper soldier

Abutaxin since 1973 participated in many large and small battles, including the war in lebanon. Abu Tassin also participated in the 1980 to 1988 the Iran Iraq war, and the war in Iraq in 2003 against the US, Abu Tassin was a famous sniper insurgents, many of us have seen ghosts in Iraq killed the U.S. video, many of which are Abu Tassin's record.

"by American forces in Iraq, soldiers shot kills

after the Iraq war Sadam served in the army in Abutaxin to lay down their arms, and joined the militia. In 2014, when extremist groups invaded Iraq, he again took up arms to serve.

although the other sniper's training was different, they chose the big caliber sniper rifle as the main weapon. Abu Tassin used the AM50 sniper rifle developed by Iran, using 12.7× 108mm bullets. It's said he's shot at least 320 terrorists. Most of his partner called him "sniper Imam" or "hawkeye".

2017" in September 29th, Abu Tassin, the old man and the other 8 militiamen in Haweijie when fighting militants killed in a mortar attack. The sacrifice of the two of them was a great loss to Iraq, but encouraged later to continue fighting with extremist groups.

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