Just out of the 6 jokes, give you a happy music! Make me laugh bad ~!

Just out of the 6 jokes give you a happy music! It broke my smile

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, according to the law, when Zhu Tian Peng molested Chang, Chang huff, will tell to the emperor!

asked the emperor Taibaijinxing: “ canopy move, how to deal with? ”

“ Taibaijinxing: violation of the law, according to law when zhu! ”

, the Jade Emperor nodded, said: “ alas, when the pig when the pig! ”

2, pay

A and B in the restaurant to eat, after eating, no one wants to checkout, have to use dice to guess a single double method to decide.

A:&ldquo: Okay, the dice are on the table! ”    

B:“ buy off hand, I'll come first. ”

A:“ I'll buy two. What about you? ”

B:“ I pay the bill! ”

A:“ go ahead. ”  

3, wishing

, a couple came to a wishing well, and the husband bent down and made a wish and threw a coin into the well.

wife wants to make a wish, but she turns into the well accidentally when she bends down.

husband stunned, and then smiled and said to himself: "&ldquo, what a fucking spirit!"! ”

, 4 pig cousin jokingly asked her 4 year old daughter: “ we are going to keep a pig, but need to arrange work, to choose a person a day to feed pigs delicious, one a day to clean the room, one pig every day pig bath, still have to choose a person to accompany the pig to play every day, do you want to do what? ”  

, her daughter answered without hesitation: "“ pig.". ”

5, reluctant to

that year, reluctant to buy air conditioning, after a few years can not buy or buy, white hot for several years.

that year, reluctant to buy a mobile phone, after a few years can not buy or buy, in vain to miss the fun of a few years.

year, reluctant to buy a house, after a few years can not buy or buy, so that every square up by tens of thousands.

6, try

, you say men don't cheat, you get a beauty try.

you say cats don't eat fishy, you try fish.

you say your mother-in-law is good to you.

you say your mother's law is good for you. (you give him money to try).

, you say your boss thinks highly of you. You give it a try.

you say you have a tyrant relatives, you borrow money to try.

you say you have a lover, wait till you're sick!

of the society, not to test others, temptation, You'll see. what is the end!!!

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