What is the significance of the establishment of the leading group for the rule of law in the Central Committee of the CPC?

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zhongxinwang· 2017-10-22 06:20:44

nineteen report of the Communist Party of China proposed for the first time set up the leading group of the central comprehensive rule of law".

name, led by the central leading group, has always been concerned by the outside world. The eighteen National Congress of the CPC, the new central leading group comprehensively deepen reforms, the central network security and information technology leadership team, the Central Military Commission to deepen the reform of national defense and the army leadership team, to solve the problem of development, made a series of important deployment.

experts pointed out that in the current stage of China, the establishment of the central leading group is conducive to the integration of functional departments of resources, from the highest level of unified allocation of resources, help to break through the shackles of various interests.

now, standing in the "Chinese socialism into a new era of" the historical coordinates, a key node in the construction of "rule of law Chinese put forward the concept of more than four years, the establishment of the central leading group comprehensively the rule of law, more prominent meaning behind. Director of the Research Office of the legal history of

Chinese academy student Zhang pointed out that the overall rule of law to set up a leading group, will play the overall design, coordination, overall progress, supervise the implementation of a number of functions, to comprehensively promote the rule of law process "to seek the overall situation, direction".

he believes that the overall rule of law is a profound revolution of national governance, promote scientific legislation, strict law enforcement, justice and universal law, involving legislation, law enforcement and judicial affairs, various departments and organizations related to every citizen, every Party member, there is no coordination, it is difficult to form a benign overall mechanism.

"based on this, the establishment of the leading group, will be a higher position to overcome all kinds of resistance, coordination of various organizations. Zhang Sheng stressed to the press of China News agency.

vice president Yang Yongchun in the eyes of Chinese independent legal system, set up a leading group, can play on the overall process of the rule of law in the overall situation on the one hand, and behind it reflects is China wants to build the rule of law, rule of law and the rule of law and social goal pursuit.

looking back over the past five years, was included in the "rule of law in a comprehensive four overall strategic layout, relying on the" great effect of rule of law "plays out, promote the national governance systems and governance capacity modernization, and gradually build the Chinese" rule of law building matrix have been clearly visible.

at the same time, the social contradictions and problems intertwined superposition, comprehensive law task is still arduous, national governance systems and governance capacity needs to be strengthened and other practical problems, the CPC leadership notice, and take action to crack.

is worth noting that the new concept of "deepening the rule of law practice" emphasized in the nineteen reports has become the latest expression in the category of "rule by law". In January

2013, the first national political and legal work conference held in eighteen, Xi Jinping made important instructions, and proposed the new requirements for the construction of "rule of law in China" for the first time.

after four years, "put forward to deepen the rule of law practice", to make "strengthen the implementation and supervision of the constitution" and "nomocracy government" to deepen the comprehensive reform of the judicial system "and" strengthening national legal education "and" Party organizations at all levels and all Party members should take the lead in respect for the law school law usage "a sustained level what is the force, adhere to the" rule of law enforcement".

make the good law in the world, rule the world; make good laws in a country, a country". Yang Yongchun said, the 54 time the nineteen report of the "rule of law", which covers the socialist legal system construction Chinese characteristics of grand, the building of a socialist country, the development of China socialist theory of rule of law, there are specific actions to improve the autonomy and rule of law and virtue of combining the rural governance system, in accordance with the law to combat and punish black kidnapping pornography the illegal and criminal activities, "rule of law" depicts a clear thread of practice.

Yang Yongchun believes that under the leadership of the leading group to make top-level design, the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the rule of law in China is no longer an abstract blueprint, but can determine the specific structure of the realization. At the same time, the "rule of law construction drawing" that has been opened will pave the way for the vision of building a socialist modernization power in china.

original title: what is the significance of the establishment of the central leading group for the rule of law by the Communist Party of China?

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