Alipay you a big fudge! Lao Tzu was almost homeless!

Alipay the landlord rental apartments credit free of charge a pair of three

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and Guo Xiaoniu drift north, housing is rooted in our hearts a thorn. Alipay

deposit free rental information, we believe that through the circle of friends and micro-blog already know? Every day in the attention of a variety of new things Guo Xiaoniu, naturally need to know about it.

10 10, ant payment service announced that there will be more than 1 million apartments officially settled in Alipay, the lead to promote credit in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen housing, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Chengdu, Xi'an, Zhengzhou 8 city.

, according to Alipay, as long as the user sesame credit score more than 650, you can enjoy free deposit, but also enjoy the monthly rent.

" had experienced housing Guo Xiaoniu now sees a "rental" two words are brain AChE, counting the years of experience, in addition to looking for real tired, bitter move, rent is also facing many headaches: a one-time payment of large sums deposit rent rent, sublet inconvenient, accidentally encounter black intermediary, the landlord will rent in advance by passengers, and other rental disputes.

and Alipay's free charge rent, seems to have the following highlights:

Alipay provides rental platform, security seems to be more

to avoid black intermediary and fake listings

sesame over 650 points can deposit, the rent paid to the landlord

in the future is expected to evaluate and keep records

ask around several of the same rent friend, everybody think this is really a good news, said: "img_box

fruit chick looked under his sesame credit, after 650! That is, can not enjoy Alipay's free deposit rent? In reality, Alipay and

free rental deposit free rental significant

either through direct hire or find the landlord intermediary companies rental, whether it is flat-share or whole rent, at present on every platform, general rules are rental charge a pair of three, and even some houses will require "a charge to pay six" for in the north of Guangzhou first-tier cities work for young people, this is not a small expenditure.

in addition, in the face of rent situation, although some of the landlord willing to advance notice or sublet smoothly under the condition of the return of the deposit, but more will lease rental contract provisions (the majority agreed for one year) with rent requirements, the deposit will not be refunded. In this case, if the lease term meets changes will need to rent the wards, one month's rent is equivalent to daleshuipiao. Deposit rent free

Alipay is undoubtedly ease the financial problem troubling. At first, listening is absolutely good news, so what is the reality? Is

deposit really free? After

personally made to try to experience, if found in Alipay in the chick, all of the housing information, is only partially exempt deposit, part of a charge free.

operation is relatively simple, open the page of Alipay search box, enter "rent", click "rental application" can be

in order to understand the overall situation in Beijing, Changping, Haidian. The fruit of different area contacted several houses (the entire rent is flat-share a).

" on the telephone, are several different intermediary companies or different rental platform, no personal housing.

, which says "pay one", "pay three" listings, need to pay the deposit normally.

" on Alipay and other rental housing on the platform there is no significant difference between

and write "free of charge" housing contacts, to exempt deposit it gives the following several different reactions:

1 XXXX, Beijing intermediary the house steward told fruit chick, their company is on the Alipay platform, heard that chick looking for Alipay free fruit and the houses, the other is to change the topic to introduce other "more suitable" housing.

2, also is the intermediary housekeeper, others also politely said, they know the company recently launched the Alipay deposit free rental activities, but "free deposit not operation", "online audit is very strict to the" and "very troublesome", "almost impossible", is not recommended to use free deposit rental.

3, who made it clear that even Butler is not possible, "you may be willing to think of the landlord? "

4, but the real deposit free listings are three or four of the" white-collar apartment ", when asked to surrender when they said," no company regulations, but it still had to pay part of the deposit.

deposit free when you check in, return the rent but still pay?

fruit chick linked to the "free deposit" eggshell in their apartment, Longze subway near the "Park", "day Hui Yuan" and "koolshade exchange" and other apartments are available.

staff told fruit chick eggshell apartment in the spring rental platform, there is access to Alipay deposit free entrance.

as long as sesame credit meets the conditions, you can avoid deposit

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