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After three years of work, I chose to leave the Tencent


21caiwenhui· 2017-10-22 15:03:08

Author: LJ

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"you're going to leave the Tencent?" "

, this is the reaction that my friends around know that I'm going to leave, and it seems that it is hard for everyone to understand such a decision.

from the industry environment, the Internet is a China in prosperity; from the company's situation, is also going to make snap to do a big business; from the perspective of the development of the individual, they will serve as a more and more important role in the company.

all the environment is good, more seem to leave the decision-making irrational.

HR system popups give the final stay: are you sure you want to submit your resignation?

after all sorts of comprehensive considerations, I still click the "OK" button, officially from the Tencent for three years to leave.

has been asking a friend, "how do you feel about working at Tencent?"

on this issue, never thought about that, try to do the work of the hands of Those closely involved cannot see clearly., is the.

now has time to sort it out.

recalled the experience of the past few years, not only the joy of achievement, but also the loss of frustration, the sigh, when leaving, I hope to share with you one or two.

1, company

3 years ago, I finished the interview, from the Tencent, into the crowd work streams of people busily coming and going Shennan road.

in the overpass, I deliberately took a big night scene, as a memorial, that I finally go to the Tencent to work.

although there is no formal notification, but the interview with feedback, I know I will have to enter the dream of the company.

3 years later, Tencent Building, too, the location of my station has changed.

from the outside looking into the inside overlooking, the feelings also change.

as long as people working in large enterprises, will be deeply troubled by the disease of large companies.


BAT platform you powerful or powerful aura is very good, it means you are in any of a domestic Internet Co smoothly, it means you can share their experience and experience, enjoy others worship in his eyes.

however, companies in a tens of thousands of people, almost everyone is an ordinary employee, have no sense at all, which taste like drinking water, lengnuanzizhi. Look at the right game "

, I think, the dragon mother has three fire dragon, why to mediate, cliques, riding three dragons everywhere fire, would conquer the seven kingdoms.

until there is a scene, dragon "Drogo" at the Colosseum, many soldier holding a spear stab, was seriously injured, I did not react, no matter the dragon mother and her three dragons and bad, always win the army trained with regularity.

this is a microcosm of large enterprises. The

company doesn't need a hero who fights for it, but needs a team that can fight.

even when hiring, big companies tend to sift out the most powerful people, but that doesn't mean everyone counts.

in fact, whether you're a prestigious graduate school halo, or two or three years of struggling to get into a big platform, the company wants the same result.

hopes that each line employees stick to their own third of an acre, you do not need to control the situation, you don't need to think strategically, as long as you work hard to be a screw.

has a small piece of work on each hand, and then repeats this work for a long time to come, becoming an expert in this small module".

is responsible for the personalized skin, probably a few years in the study of how to sell more skin; write copy, chasing the micro-blog hot Months and years pass by. writing; channel operation, regardless of the weather staring at each channel their advertising line … …

is not to say that the company does not pay attention to personal creativity. On the contrary, the company hope that we play creativity, put yourself into a more reliable screw, become a more reliable parts.

company formed a joint force, and won the war by the way of the army.

won, not by Wu Yi's superb hero, but let all people under the unified command, move, block, lift the spear, assassination, each action is so simple, but can break thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers together.

this means that the barracks of the soldiers in the platform, after work, a thing success, it is easy to think because I regressed, but the real reason is the power of the platform.

the same thing, let's make three pieces, put Li four and OK.

here, you're not a hero. You're a little soldier who repeats the training day and night. Sadly, for most people, the company has no plan to make you a hero or a general.

you are just one of the thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers, the lack of platform you can find a person to fill up immediately, but once you leave the platform, will find it hard to replicate the success of previous.

(2) endless process and system

put the elephant into the refrigerator in three steps: open the refrigerator door, put in the elephant, close the refrigerator door.

but in big companies, this process is much more than three steps.

you have to write a report clearly, put the elephant in the refrigerator of significance and importance

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