Meizu new appearance patent exposure: behind the "Oreo" is what?

Meizu exposure Z

ITzhijia· 2017-10-22 17:29:31

10 Sept. 22 on this year's release of Meizu Pro7, Meizu uses a dual screen design is very unique, the back of the small screen is Meizu called "screen", you can display the time and weather information, but also can bring very nice wallpaper. As for whether you like it or not, it's all about personal preference.

, and for Meizu, they seem to be on the "wisdom window" design on the road farther and farther away. The day before, the well-known digital blogger found a new Meizu application patent, he said this is to screen for Meizu rhythm.

" from the patent design exposure point of view, front camera mid front panel from the forehead of the device, using hidden receiver design, mBack key equipment still exists, and around the border is still the continuation of the design very narrow meizu. In the back, there is a big "Oreo", if no accident is to Meizu Pro7 behind the square "screen" round.

in addition, there are three round openings on the top of the Oreo. The middle is slightly larger, and the other two are symmetrically distributed on both sides. The bottom also looks like a patch of other material, and it's not clear whether this is an antenna bar for wireless signals or something else.

overall shape design, the continuation of Meizu prior to the design style. So, for such a mobile phone, what do you think?

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