I'm a cool employee. Why don't you get my pay back?!

Leaving office Beijing national day WeChat

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, "sharing bikes, winter really comes.". "

" sharing bikes is really coming in winter. "And this cold spell is also implicated in cyclists.

cool cycling staff did not think of the eleven would be so tough, September 22nd, cool cycling suddenly forced dissolution of nationwide subsidiaries, and asked all employees to sign employment agreement, do not sign without payment of wages.

in the day before the national day, cool ride the original CEO Gao Weiwei riding in the cool crowd send news official, originally scheduled for September 30th issued employee wages postponed until October 15th, two days later, Gao Weiwei again said the message on the company account has no money. As of press time ago, more than 400 employees were not credited.

Weiwei said in an interview, cool ride less users and suppliers to total more than 500 million yuan, but the end of September the company accounts for only about 50000000, according to the previously published cool cycling data projections, the total amount of the deposit will be more than 3 billion yuan, Minsheng Bank also announced that the cool bike no deposit deposit the Minsheng bank. And the relationship between high credit and P2P platform credit, but also cool the fate of the bike ride has become a mystery. This

, a cool bike before leaving to the NetEase staff technology broke a real relationship between Gao Weiwei and the P2P platform, the deposit returned in good faith loan tricky, mergers and acquisitions and the reality as well as cool cycling actual powers and so on.

from his story, we can see some insider: the user can first deposit only through the mayor's hotline, Industrial and Commercial Bureau consumer rights hotline complaints, etc.; cool cycling and integrity loans sharing office space and personnel; as the cool cycling actual controller, Gao Weiwei attempted to recall their escape, social responsibility; cool cycling has no one management team, and headquarters staff has basically been turnover etc..

the following is a cool bike before employee details on the NetEase of science and technology, after finishing as follows:

" from August to October this period of time to ride more cool chilling time, until now, there are still more than 400 of the wages of the employees failed to back, now I what deep grilled cool bike crime:

deposit returned to the program chaos priority when complained to the official order

cool bike in 7 and August has been stagnant deposit phenomenon, with the increase of the number of refund, but the customer service department has responded to come, so the country have joined the new media service work, although the workload increases several times, but our hands and no real power, only the customer information (mobile phone number + payment) submitted to the public Our customer service department, to refund the customer's choice, is the first priority in Industrial and Commercial Bureau complaints customers behind the customer service department staff turned into a small part of WeChat direct transfer to the user, then the deposit refund operation has become very chaotic and disorderly, and the customer service phone later confirmed to be outsourced. Not all people in our company.

clearly, the so-called record and submit, just record it, users only through a variety of ways (the mayor's hotline channels will Industrial and Commercial Bureau / complaints / consumer rights hotline and so on), the follow-up is the emergence of a fee / deposit back to help steal user information and so on, these things, cool bike chose to sit idly by.

as of October there are still tens of thousands of users of the deposit is not resolved, the dissolution of the company in the event after the end of September, the user's information is issued as no echo, a friend in Beijing can also go to the headquarters site a refund, but other provinces? Failed along with the user, this is not cool ride!!

: difficult to discuss wages owed wages CEO

buck at the beginning of September the company suddenly said to adjust, first let the staff to find a new office, the new office from the original CBD business center, change to the far zone record passenger or commercial dual-use Office buildings and other places. The headquarters of

in mid September issued a document that will work the time from the original single Hugh (Monday to Saturday) adjusted for the weekend (Monday to Friday), also announced that the National Day holiday for 8 days, we just moved into the office, heard the news that the company survived, but later woke up, just above lianhuanji in order to delay the time.

" in September 22nd, the headquarters issued a document, the national command requires each branch was disbanded, employees do not have to go to work tomorrow, leaving only two operations headquarters in Beijing a few people with a branch of a city manager also asked the aftermath, the company signed the agreement and let us leave, the worst is the turnover agreement given by the company, it is very clear, that is: the signing of the agreement, September 30th will be the payment of wages for the month (not including the basic salary, performance, subsidies), do not sign without payment of wages. Because of the feelings of cool riding, we did not make trouble, did not recover the compensation, who did not blame, coupled with physical and mental fatigue, just want to get together. Although the above content (red box everywhere for details) of our …

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