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don't underestimate the thing of eating.

will eat,

, but not the same life.

-- a hugh

last month my mother after surgery, gastrointestinal dysfunction, by needle water, a lot of emaciated.

with her stomach recovery, after eating well, sleep well, my dad every day to buy fresh ingredients, change the pattern of nutrition, light health regimen for her to eat, her weight gain, color up. I know from the bottom of my heart that

can eat, sleep, and treasure.

I've spent a lot of time studying diet. In my opinion, the so-called "eating high" means eating both healthy and happy.

is the day after tomorrow to eat out more physical

I think you every month because of inflammation of the tonsils are so weak, until go to college in Jiangnan area realized how important, light diet.

my hometown is not spicy, habits, such as hot oil after the dry chili thrown into the pot, and so on after the white smoke just put into the dish to stir fried, my dad often so stir fried dishes, delicious is delicious, that is super lit.

after reading, I can not adapt to the hot, even slightly sweet taste, but also the family sent chili to me, and later on the big face pox, not to mention chili, even soy sauce and other spices are not touched. After

's diet was mild, I found that I had only two episodes of tonsils a year, all of which were inflamed when I returned home during the cold and summer holidays.

determines the constitution of the food, one side of the soil and water conservation of one party, one side of soil and water can also lead to one side of the disease. I am afraid of acne left India

year, eating very light, just light the canteen food, eat dumplings with dressing, takeaway orders only salt, plus often go to the school gate to buy barley water, white fungus soup, my back acne, skin white.

at the time, I found that diet really changed the skin.

University, I took a nutrition course, I remember the teacher said: "

" change eating habits, you can change the physique".

sometimes, good things are harmful, unpalatable ingredients but keep people, when I again and again to brainwash yourself, eat fresh, taste, light, natural food, the taste buds are changed, the deep processing of sweet greasy, hardcore, instinctively do not want to eat, eat always feel very thirsty, uncomfortable.

later found himself anemic, and then increased red meat, consciously increase the blood ingredients, feel the energy to improve.

I think more and more, eating, shaping your body and mental state.

's high people eat most worthy of their

"eat me taking" the highest, met in Shenzhen colleagues.

when she entered the job, I thought she was fresh fresh students, after referrals to know that she was two years older than me, skin white, good shape, vibrant, I Division "flower" is not her.

she later and we become good friends beyond colleagues, not to eat high gene envy, is worth taking to steal.

go out to eat, she never touch spicy, fried, grilled, she had often inflammation of the tonsils cut, so eat a meal especially self-discipline, will eat light; we discuss

at noon with a meal, she had put the cut vegetables, with a good refrigerator, get up in the morning cooking, to the company directly to the lunch box in a bucket above the boiling water room at noon, direct hot to eat; I watched her

, snacks, or get a glass box filled with clean fruit; or a handful of mixed nuts or yogurt, and I found her eating snacks to gargle;

always have dinner with her, she often reveals the delicacy of advertisements, the heroine is immersed in the delicious intoxicated appearance, we had sympathy for her to eat no taste, but eat very enjoy her.

she knows what she's doing, she's abstemious, she's ready to spend time and energy preparing herself for lunch, and she's always enjoying the food on the table with gratitude.

eating, her consciousness and execution throw many people a tricyclic. So every year the company checks, and she says, "the doctor suggests," that column is empty.

before I saw the report said: "

hospital scale becomes bigger and bigger, the number increasing, while doctors and patients have increased, but more and more, it is the doctor's sad, is the failure of the medicine. "

I in the cancer hospital witnessed the full scene as the Spring Festival, at the elevator inpatient department of the queue, there are more than security to maintain order, to chemotherapy patients bed is not enough, can only sit in the corridor on the infusion of chemotherapy, intravenous drip, many cancer patients in a twenty or thirty year old young man.

this situation I think is not the doctor's sorrow, but medical sorrow, there are data that, "in the main cause of cancer, diet is unreasonable, accounting for 35%".

actually, each of us is our own doctor. It's the doctor's job to cure the disease, but it's our business to treat the disease.

I can't bear to hear people say "it can not eat it, diet, living with what pleasure," said this man to go to the hospital to see, hospital operation injection is suffering.

also frequently say, you cannot live up to the delicacy "too delicacy let you eat less?

is in the treatment of disease, think of the father of medicine chipault carat

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