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3 GMAT introduced the grammar correction problem solving efficient rule answer need to grasp


liuxuexiaozhan· 2017-10-23 09:35:38

GMAT (sentence correction) sentence correction problem is an important part of the Chinese type of GMAT, although the relative difficulty in other parts is not very high, but still need some skills to get high marks. The candidates in the face of GMAT sentence correction questions, we should grasp the following skills.

GMAT" sentence correction problem solving three key points:


) grammar rules often test syntax rules: subject verb agreement, sentence structure, predicate verbs, verb properties, comparative structure, parallel structure and modifier. The selection of

2) the word diction words should pay attention to standard written language usage, simple collocation and position of the word in the sentence correctly, avoid the semantic between words and word repetition. (

3) logical expression

logical expression includes the conciseness of expression, the rationality and singleness of logic.

GMAT sentence correction problem points: two basic requirements:

1) the accurate expression of grammatical rules, correct sentence structure and word accuracy.

2) effective expression: logical expression is clear and accurate.

GMAT sentence correction problem points: a supreme principle of

answers to the most effective way to express the original intention statement and reasonable focus.

using the underlined part in GMAT

suggests looking for problem solving sentence correction problem, sometimes the only option part, there will be several options are impeccable in the expression and the meaning of the sentence. In this case, it is meaningless to compare the options, but we should broaden our eyes and look for some hints in the missing part. For example, the underlined part and the non underlined part are consistent in person, in number, and so on. The key of solving

above three points is GMAT need to pay attention to the sentence correction questions, suggest that students with the three, through the practice of constantly thinking and summing up, good sentence correction questions.

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